There was a Half Blood Prince a few days ago, and there is a review on TLC. They talk about R/H and H/G, but what interested me most was...spoiler cut )
Yeah, I know, I haven't posted in AGES! But for a very good reason - I've been busy, and not just WORK busy! ;)

I had stuff to to every weekend! And not WORK stuff, but FUN stuff, with my friends! And [ profile] rjann of course - some made him happy, some not, but I loved every minute!

OH, not to mention that during the first two weeks I watched the Olympics whenever I could - yes, even during the night! I watched the opening ceremony, saw most of men's volleyball - and I knew that they wouldn't, unfortunatelly, win the Gold Medal, but I was happy with the Silver one. I saw César Cielo and Maurren Maggi win their Golden Medals - they were so happy! And they deserved those! That french guy SO had an eye on Cielo! He opened his suit after he won the Gold Medal without being asked to! XD And I saw the women's volleyball team win a much worthy Golden Medal.

First weekend I worked on saturday and spent sunday with my boyfriend, [ profile] rjann. We watched the third mummy movie the friday before the weekend, and on tuesday the 12th, I attended the Clone Wars premiere, like I mentioned on my last entry.

Second weekend I worked on sunday, but on saturday we had a "chá bar" - it's like a bridal shower, only it's for the couple and not just the bride. It was a party for Rafael's friend, Fábio and his fiancée Lívia. And it was a fantasy party, so, Rafael and I took our "Incredibles" costumes off the closet, we went there, and we WON a surprise fantasy costume! It's funny how that is one of our favorite costumes - AND it was cheap! But really, when we got there, we took quite some time to enter the party, because when we got to the door everybody wanted to take a picture! ;)

Third weekend, no work. I had set up with people from my residence and university - Rafael (a friend, not my boyfriend! ;)), Halime, Carlos and his girlfriend, and Marianne (who didn't go) - to go to the movies on saturday in the evening. They wanted to watch "Zohan" after a quick dinner, but I ended up skipping that - for a very good reason - and in the end me, my boyfriend, and Luciana and her boyfriend (who met us there by chance) ended up watching "Wanted" - it's an entertaining *BOYS* movie.

The reason I skipped dinner? Two friends of mine from my first medical residence - Luzia and Marco - had been trying to meet me for a while, and when they learned we were going to a shopping mall near where they live on that day, we decided to meet there before I met the other gang, and Luzia asked me to be her BRIDESMAID! I'm so happy! I love them both, and they are perfect together, and I'm so happy to be their bridesmaid!

Next day, Rafael and I had a pork barbecue with Gustavo and his family for lunch, and in the evening I left for a proper bridal shower! Another friend - Dominique - who finished my current medical residence last year. It was very funny!

Fourth weekend, I worked on sunday, but spent the whole saturday with my boyfriends, watching "How I Met Your Mother" - truestory! ;)

And then, my last weekend was the best. Had lunch at B52's with [ profile] dtissagirl, [ profile] tatileite, [ profile] andreh and [ profile] weirdgirlie - she has just come back from a trip to the USA. Too bad I had to cut it short, because in the evening I had Dominique and Luis Eduardo's marriage to attend!

It was a BLAST! Rafael - my boyfriend - wasn't so happy to attend the ceremony, because he hates weddings, but he obliged like the good boyfriend he is! ;) And he was SO HANDSOME in his suit! Love you, hun! The ceremony was simple but beautiful, and the party was AWESOME! I was driving, so I didn't drink - well, I sipped other's bevereages, but didn't drink one completely by myself - but the rest of the gang drank, and A LOT! Marianne, Rafael (again, friend, not my boyfriend), Flávio and Carol were HILARIOUS! Marianne and Flávio were SO DRUNK! It was funny to make fun of them - and they were talking complete nonsense during the last half of the party. We danced until the very end of the party, we talked, we laughed, it was TOTALLY AWESOME! And we saw old friends who had finished their residence last year - Tatiana, Juliana, and Fabricio, who is living in São Paulo now with his fianceé. I will try and post pictures in the next few days - once Carol has sent me hers! ;)

OH, and yesterday I watched "Tropic Thunder" which was a better comedy than the average american comedy has been this past few years - plus, it had RDJ in it, and Tom Cruise in a role that wasn't as annoying as his last ones have been! We sure had an stellar cast on that movie!

*sigh* I'm tired just to remember all the fun I had this past month! :D
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( Aug. 14th, 2008 03:42 am)
OK, it's 3:40 AM and I'm still up because I was watching the Brazillian Volleyball team, just like I did two nights ago. Read more... )

Oh, well, since I'm up, I have to review two movies I saw!

Last week, I saw Mummy 3, and I hated it. Tbe reason? Read more... )

And last night - well, actually, since today it's already thursday, the night before - I saw Clone Wars at a premiere. And I hated it, mostly because it's a kids movie. Read more... ) At least it was nice seeing old friends from CJRJ that I haven't met in a long while!

Ok, gotta try to sleep at least for a couple of hours before I go to work. *sigh*
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( Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:46 am)
Kids, if you want to avoid being hit, you should look for a hiding spot quite far from me, because...*drumroll*


Yes, another one. And I daresay this one has made me even more giddy, fanninsh, happy and CRAZY about it than some of other fandoms I already have!

What I'm talking about? "How I met your mother?" of course! It's actually Neil Patrick Harris' fault, really - and I guess [ profile] dtissagirl's as well for watching the first half of season 1 with me and lending me all three seasons. Once I had seen the awesomeness that was Dr. Horrible - yes, even with Joss Whedon's knack for killing off characters I like *coflikeWashcof* - I just HAD to check other works from NPH (I know what that stands for now, HAH! *inside joke*) and since my flist has shown some love for HIMYM in the past, I decided to give it a go.

And boy, was I happy or what?!? It's like Friends, only it's not, because they are more sarcastic, and there is more sex stuff, and instead of Central Perk they have MacLarens. Not trying to say that one is better than the other - they are similar but different in their own unique way, but HIMYM filled the void Friends left when it was cancelled - or rather, the void it left after season 7. *still not over that whole messy Rachel and Joey business*

But, really, Ted's quest for his True Love, The One girl that ended up being the mother of his children and his tendency to correct people, Lily's loud chewing and shopping problem, Marshall's singing all the time and being the naïve kid in the group, not to mention the AWESOME slapsgiving, Robin's, well, literally sparkles XD, and Barney. OH, Barney, and his high pitched voice, his misterious job, the bro code, his famous catchphrases - awesome, high five, suit up, what up - EVERYTHING about him makes me laught out loud like I haven't in a very long time because of a TV show.

I watched it all inside of a week - started last week's wednesday afternoon and finished this wednesday morning - actually, at about 4 AM in the morning. And all I wanted to do afterwards was either watch the first episode of the next season - why is september 22nd so far away?? - or start rewatching it all over again from the beginning. I actually rewatched the first two episodes last night with [ profile] rjann, and he already was laughing out loud - imagine when he gets to the REALLY GREAT episodes, like "Zip, Zip, Zip", "Slap Bet", or "Slapsgiving".

Sure, there was a certain legen- wait for it -dary thing in the works in the last few episodes that are largely responsible for that - and I had forseen it since season 1! I'm SO glad I didn't spoil myself prior to watching the episodes! Spoilers under the cut )

OH well, have to go to sleep now...I'm back to work, and tomorrow I have a 24h shift! Just HAD to post about HIMYM - have been meaning to do it so since wednesday, but some unpleasant things got in the way - hopefully it's all going to be better now.

I have this yearning to post about half a dozen times more, though, to show off my new icons! 9 HIMYM - with only two not being shippy, two Dr. Horrible, and one Middleman - btw, that reminds me, LOVED all that BTTF references in one of their episodes!
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 02:10 pm)
Thanks to [ profile] chickadilly look what I found out! I don't know if I should be amused, thrilled or actually SCARED by it! XD

However, since I have this UNGODLY muscle pain and headache since yesterday - it's gotta be a nasty flu, it can't just be my allergics acting up - this actually put a smile on my face. :P

But what really seems to be cheering me up - my loving and funny boyfriend not withstanding - are four things:

1) the fact that now I have SCI FI CHANNEL! YES, I can watch dubbed SG-1 now! XD Too bad they don't seem to have any Farscape reruns! :(

2) Dr. Horrible's saga. It's so funny and quirky and great! Really, I can sense the nerd inside joke citations list growing! "PhD of Horribleness" is going to be right there on the nerd citation list, togheter with "May the Force be with you"! And is it wrong of me to be cheering for the villain instead of the cheesy superhero?

3) Another thing, my boyfriend's brother is in town with his family and his kids, a three-year old girl and a one year-old boy are SO CUTE! They are eletric, and cute, and laugh at whatever silly thing you do, and the boy eats with his left hand while holding the spoon with his right hand, and the girl keeps saying "games, games" whenever she wants to play with her uncle's Wii - and since he was working, I played with her and she was so happy and SMART - she is only three and managed to play Wario Smooth Moves! AND she never had played any video game before! Her uncle - my boyfriend - says she has the "gift" of the family for playing games. :P Her brother warmed right up to me, much quicker than usual with him according to his mom. We spent part of the afternoon with them playing Wii - actually, the boy only watched, he is too young, and he prefered to chase the dog around the room! The dog was actually afraid of him! LOL! The girl gave me a hug and a kiss yesterday before I left, and I'm sad that I'm so sick I can't stay close to them for fear of giving them my germs.

4) Also, THE DARK KNIGHT tomorrow night! Sure, my sister and her lucky boyfriend managed to see it last MONDAY, but...I get to see it with a real nerd crowd! ;)
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( Jul. 7th, 2008 04:40 pm)
So, I finally, FINALLLY, am call catch up with SGA. Yes, I just watched episode 5x01.

I just realized I posted nothing of season 3 or 4 here in LJ! I wonder why??? *cofbecausemostofitsuckcof* Anyway, I got stuck in the middle of season 4 because it was THAT BAD, and I just have a few eight things to say:

Spoilers for SGA S4 )

Also, also! Forgot to mention in my last entry that last week I saw SG: Continuum! And I liked it! SPOILERS )

Now, what should I do? I've been watching SG-1 and SGA for so long...what should I do next?

Watch the series I used to follow but lost interest in and stopped watching, like LOST, Smallville, or Desperate Housewives? Watch House or Monk since their beginning? Rewatch an old series I love, like Lois & Clark or Moonlight with Dave Addison and Maddie Hayes? What should I do?
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( Jul. 5th, 2008 01:14 pm)
So, let's see what I did this week - did I do everything I planned to? Er, NO! :P But it was a good week! :D

On sunday, I went to the movies, but King Fu Panda was sold out! :(

Tuesday I went to the movies, but I ended up watching "What Happens in Vegas" with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher instead of "Prince Caspian". Cute movie, funny, and my friend kept telling me how Ashton was hot, but everytime she told me that, I thought "But, OMG, he is KELSO!" Yep, "That 70s show" fan here! :P

Wednesday night I worked on one of my extra shifts outside the medical residence.

Thursday was my second attempt to watch "Prince Caspian". Met [ profile] weirdgirlie, had some Pizza Hut - gotta love their Pepperone! :P - and then...guess what we watched at the movies? Ta, da, taranan...yes, IRON MAN! RDJ FTW! XD

I sooooo wanna a Iron Man 2 or an Avenger movie, like, RIGHT NOW, so I can actually watch ANOTHER movie! :D Though..."The Dark Knight" would also do the trick - hell, it would be AWESOME! Is it July 14th yet???

And last night I finally managed to watch "Kung Fu Panda". It's a cute movie, perhaps one of the best Dreamworks 3D movies...but I still prefer Pixar! :P

This week! "Hancock" tomorrow - or perhaps the new Shialayman movie - and, again, I will try and watch "Prince Caspian" during the week - though now we don't have the subtitle version showing in theaters anymore, just the dubbed portuguese version.

One last thing before I go, though!

Got this from [ profile] alphabet26

This is Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 movies of the last 25 years list.

Bold the ones you have seen
Put an asterisk after the movie title* if you really liked it.
Cross it out if you saw a film and really disliked it
Underline the ones you own

EW Top 100 Movies Meme )
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( Jun. 28th, 2008 08:24 pm)
Despite a set back this week in one of my projects, I have two GREAT news!

#1 I'm on VACATION this month! I sure need the rest! I'm still doing my extra shifts because they aren't connected to my medical resident...and my boyfriend will be working... One can't have it all, I guess. But it's some! :)

#2 AND I finally, FINALLY and OFFICIALLY am OFF SUNDAYS DAYS SHIFTS! Still doing the nights, but I'm OFF THE DAYS!!! YAY!

Btw, last night I went to the movies to watch WAAAAAAALL-E! So cute! And it sure sends an important message about how we are handling our one and only World.

Speaking of movies, last week I saw Get Smart and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Hilarious, really! My boyfriend laughed so much and so hard a guy in front of us kept eyeing us annoyed! But I love Anne Hathaway, and I think Steve Carrell is incredibly funny - come on, you just have to look at his face and you'd want to start giggling! The effect is even greater when he is doing a comedy! Loved the uterus dialogue, btw! XD

So, plans for this week:

Tomorrow - OMG! I HAVE FREE SUNDAYS! YAY! - I plan to watch Kung Fu Panda with [ profile] rjann in the afternoon.

Monday is actually my last day at work before vacations, so, work is going to be done! XD

Tuesday - or Wednesday depending on one thing - I think I'm going to Barra to watch two movies at UCI NYCC. At 20h45 Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian and then, perhaps, at 23h45 Iron Man - yes, again! :P Perhaps followed - or preempted - by some Pizza Hut. Hum. I guess if anyone would like to make me company?? *cof[ profile] weirdgirliecof*

Let's see if I actually manage to make all this, shall we? ;P OH, I will also try to post later this week my TO DO list for the vacation!
I have work to do, but I so DO NOT want to! My head is aching. A LOT! This has been happening every other day for the past two or three weeks. UGH! And I slept almost 12 hours this past night, so...why do I feel so tired and have a headache? I have a nagging feeling it's my allergic sinusitis again...Can it be July already? I need my vacation already! Though I'm not going to travel anywhere...*snif* So want to!

At least this past sunday I didn't work during the day, after working 9 months straight every sunday day! YATTA!

I saw Hulk. It's definitely no Iron Man, but it's better than the other Hulk movie - well, duh! Also, I love Edward Norton, so, everytime he transformed into Hulk...I got bored. Liked the little nods to previous Hulk versions, though! And the last scene...AWESOME! You guys know what I'm talking about! ;)

As for BSG midseason finale...OMFG IS IT 2009 yet??? I have to say Lee and Tigh were my favorite characters this episode - which is quite a surprise, since I always hated Tigh and Lee began as a favorite of mine but have been quite a pain in the ass the last few seasons.

Also, also...My guess at who is the Last Cylon...SPOILERS )
Just a warning - Iron Man and Hulk casting spoilers ahead.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still more of a DC girl than a Marvel girl, but I do have to admit that Marvel is going about his superheroes team movie better than DC is.

Let's, for the purpose of this little essay, take this two team formations - both are just assumptions/suggestions made by me and not really canon-accurate:

Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash (and perhaps Ajax and/or Hawkgirl)

Avengers: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor (wishful thinking: Spider-Man and/or Wolverine)

What is DC doing?

We had four Superman and four Batman movies in the 80s and 90s respectively. They had few qualities, but they also quite a few problems. Then, in the last few years, they decided to ressurect - or rather reinvent - this characters. We had Batman Begins which is an AWESOME Batman movie with a previously not so well know actor, Christian Bale, who had a lot of actor expertise. And we had Superman Returns, with Brandon Routh, who is hot but, frankly...not so good an actor, and unexperienced. *runs from the Brandon Fans Mob (TM)*

And now they want to do a Justice League movie with NEW actors in the roles of Superman and Batman, and with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the rest of them UNINTRODUCED, without previous movies dedicated solely to them and their storyline set up.

Now, what is Marvel doing?

We had three X-Men movies. The first two were TOTALLY AWESOME and were responsible for the trend of Marvel - and why not say also DC? - superhero movies made to be blockbusters every other year. Then we had the three Spider-Man movies, which were also awesome.

Ok, we had two Fantastic Four and one Daredevil, movies that were not that great, and an Elektra movie I'm not even going to count - let's cross it together and throw it in the trash with Catwoman, shall we? - but we had great Marvel movies. And Hulk 2003...well, it had Eric Bana as an eyecandy, and that was it.

But, BUT! Now we have an AWESOME Iron Man movie, and a new Hulk movie coming out. Iron Man featured Robert Downey Jr, who I always thought was a GREAT actor - I LOVED him in Chaplin! I know he took some wrong steps in his personal life but now he put that behind and just made the GREATEST COMEBACK EVER! AND we have a new Hulk movie coming out, with Edward Norton, another GREAT actor, with great acting abilities - LOVED him in American History X!

Two great actors, perhaps not Big Names - and therefore with not so large a cache - but with great acting abilities. OMG, just to imagine Robert and Edward acting in the SAME movie, in the SAME screen...AND we would have Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury! I SO WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! XD

Also, Marvel intends to make movies for the other Avengers members before an Avenger movie, setting up each one's storyline.

So, I'm sure they are going to go the same way and choose nice GOOD actors to do Captain America and Thor - heh, I personally would like to see someone like Dennis Quaid as Captain America, but that's wishful thinking. And yes, he is a nice actor, I like him. :P

Man, the day this Avengers movie comes out... I might fall to the Marvel side of the Force! :P

Yeah, I know I rambled...but I just wanted to put that to the paper, so to speak.

On three unrelated notes:



3) In 15 minutes it's going to be Valentines Day here in Brazil, so...[ profile] rjann I LOVE YOU! Let's see if I'm going to eat chocolate the day after tomorrow or not...Miss you, see you tomorrow! ;)
To [ profile] dtissagirl and [ profile] jujubinha! SPOILERS for the upcoming movie The Hulk - girls, you SOOOO wanna watch this tv spot AND the movie!! :D

Hulk TV Spot 1

I was going to watch this movie anyway - I love Ed Norton - but now...I have TWO reasons to watch it!

As for the last BSG episode...*am dead of GLEE!*
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( May. 31st, 2008 12:21 pm)
Yeah, still alive, but only barely. For about two months now, every other week I work two long periods of 56h with only 12h to rest in between. I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED! And my bosses won't let me go, even though I asked them to! :(

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the AWESOMENESS that BSG last season is! Ok, we had a couple of episodes that weren't that great, but the last two episodes...

SPOILERS under the cut! )

So, next episode? Please? Too bad Skyone won't be showing the episodes earlier anymore.
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( May. 2nd, 2008 02:42 pm)
Just a quick stop to leave a review for Iron Man!

It was a great movie, I haven't seen such a great blockbuster in a while!

Granted, I don't know much about Iron Man, so, I don't have any nitpick his hardcore fans probably have to complain about, but I thought it had a great set up storyline, and great fighting scenes with AWESOME special effects - heck, even better than Superman Returns! *runs and hides*

I like Robert Downey Jr. - yes, he has made some poor real life choices and some huge mistakes with his life, but he is a great actor, and he was great in it. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, whom I usually loath, was OK! Loved the UST, btw! ;)

But there were two or three things that really blew me away in this movie!

Under the cut because IT CONTAINS SPOILERS! )

All in all, great fun, great movie...when is the next one?? ;p
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( Apr. 13th, 2008 12:09 am)
Hi! Yes, still alive - barely!

I had an exam yesterday - wrote 8 pages to a 5 question exam! My hand still hurts! - so, I had a LOT of studying this past few weeks days, since I always leave everything to the very end.

Now I have three articles to present next tuesday, a presentation to do next wednesday, and two online quizzes from a antibiotic course I'm making to do up until friday.

I'm sooooo frakked...*sigh*

But I just had to say this:


*phew* Now that THAT's out of my system...gotta go to work. Or sleep. I dunno...
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( Mar. 31st, 2008 11:19 pm)
I finished it. All ten seasons. Actually, I finished it a bit over one week ago, but didn't have the time to post about it.

The End of SG-1 - Season 10 )

The Ark of Truth )

As for SGA...yes, I finished season 2 and started season 3, but I'm way too tired now to post any kind of coherent review about it. But it's been good so far! Even thrilling in some parts! ;)
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( Mar. 19th, 2008 04:15 pm)
Just to say that I finished watching SG-1 200th episode and thought it was definitely worth mentioning. Besides...FARSCAPE was mentioned! XD

GREAT episode, with a even greater sense of humour! :)

AND JACK WAS BACK! Even if it was just for a few scenes - at least we had a WEDDING scene! XD
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 06:59 pm)
...que hoje é seu aniversário! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO, [ profile] pollysummers!

Yeah, it's been two weeks since I last posted - I think. I remember those days when I posted almost daily! I miss those days. I had a calmer life. :P

News, news, what news do I bring you? Well, not much, except that I finished SG-1 season 9 and SGA season 2!

more under the cut... )

ETA: Almost forgot!


I'm joining, are you?
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 10:10 pm)
I know, long time, no post, AGAIN, but I have to post about this - even if all of my flist has posted about it already!


I'll be back when I can breath and think straight!

Debora *who has been working waaaay too much - every sunday since november and every other saturday - including next week's*
Hi! No, I'm not dead - yet, because I've been trying really hard to end up dead, what with working 48h straight on weekends...*sigh*

I've sat in front of this computer for a quite a few times this past weeks, but didn't have any disposition to write anything, because the beginning of the year was quite controversial to me, since some great things happened but also some terrible things.

Bad things )

However, I can't deny that my life has been good - and I feel guilty for being so blessed when people are having so much pain to endure.

Good things )

Ok, I think I talked WAY to much about my life right now! I've been very thoughtful about it, and I if I already talk too much when I'm not fully thinking, imagine when I AM thinking?! :P Sorry...

Anyway, about totally superfluous things now, before I cut my wrists! ;P

SGA S1 and beginning of S2 )

SG-1 beginning of Season 9 )
SG-1 almost-end-of-season 8 SPOILERS )

I had a FANTASTIC Christmas! Had supper on the 24th with my mother and sister, without any fights, and then on the 25th I had lunch with mom, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, two aunts, my uncle, and two cousins. We had all sorts of delicious food - my boyfriend actually asked my mother if she had made a buffet for someone who then had it cancelled, because she cooks divinely and there was so much food - and all sorts of family jokes and old stories. It was fun and everything that Christmas should be. :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas - and thanks to everyone who wished the same to me and my family!

I feel confident about New Year's Eve as well - actually, about the entire next year! ;)

ETA: Just watched the last couple of episodes from season 8!

Spoilers for Moebius! )

Now I'm divided between watching season 9, SGA season 2 or sleeping.

Hum....I guess I should go to bed. :P

OH, one last thing, I remembered what I was going to mention before - Rya'c is BORING, can he be gone already???


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