YAY! "How I met your mother" has certainly improved when compared with the start of this season! I continue to love Barney, Robin, and Marshall and Lily! I wanted to hug Barney in "Benefits" and glomp both Marshall and Lily in "Three days snow"! LILYPAD AND MARSHMALLOW ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! I LOVE THEM!

"Big Bang Theory" on the other hand hasn't been as funny as before, but hey, I still love the show!

As for BSG...last week I was not so sure how I felt about the show - if the last episodes of the season would end in a good or bad way. Yeah, we had a few surprises - first with Starbuck, and at the end finally discovering who is the 5th Cylon... But last night...WHOA! Talk about one striking revelation after the other, and one dashing/courageous/stupid/unexpected move after the other from various characters! Just like my very human and believable show from before. The best, however, was at the very end...SPOILERS )


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