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OH, Barney...I know you did that because you are still Barney, playboy who gets as many women as he wants, and you still have to mature, but why did you do that? Robin wasn't drunk - although she was sad after her talk with Ted - and she still wanted to sleep with you. Ok, it was just to make her feel better - and that's also not a very mature thing to do - but you'd have done it.

Oh, well, at least I know this probably wasn't the best time for you two to hook up again. Perhaps in a few months or years - of growing up.

As for Ted...I actually thought the Stella storyline couldn't have finished any better. And his talk with, that was superbly written; it was very sad and angry between both of them and I think it fit the moment - though I can't see how they will mend their friendship so far as to have Robin living in Ted's apartment.
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