I have work to do, but I so DO NOT want to! My head is aching. A LOT! This has been happening every other day for the past two or three weeks. UGH! And I slept almost 12 hours this past night, so...why do I feel so tired and have a headache? I have a nagging feeling it's my allergic sinusitis again...Can it be July already? I need my vacation already! Though I'm not going to travel anywhere...*snif* So want to!

At least this past sunday I didn't work during the day, after working 9 months straight every sunday day! YATTA!

I saw Hulk. It's definitely no Iron Man, but it's better than the other Hulk movie - well, duh! Also, I love Edward Norton, so, everytime he transformed into Hulk...I got bored. Liked the little nods to previous Hulk versions, though! And the last scene...AWESOME! You guys know what I'm talking about! ;)

As for BSG midseason finale...OMFG IS IT 2009 yet??? I have to say Lee and Tigh were my favorite characters this episode - which is quite a surprise, since I always hated Tigh and Lee began as a favorite of mine but have been quite a pain in the ass the last few seasons.

Also, also...My guess at who is the Last Cylon...SPOILERS )
Hi! No, I'm not dead - yet, because I've been trying really hard to end up dead, what with working 48h straight on weekends...*sigh*

I've sat in front of this computer for a quite a few times this past weeks, but didn't have any disposition to write anything, because the beginning of the year was quite controversial to me, since some great things happened but also some terrible things.

Bad things )

However, I can't deny that my life has been good - and I feel guilty for being so blessed when people are having so much pain to endure.

Good things )

Ok, I think I talked WAY to much about my life right now! I've been very thoughtful about it, and I if I already talk too much when I'm not fully thinking, imagine when I AM thinking?! :P Sorry...

Anyway, about totally superfluous things now, before I cut my wrists! ;P

SGA S1 and beginning of S2 )

SG-1 beginning of Season 9 )
I watched SG-1 season 7 up to episode 14 - most of it during the past couple of saturdays with [livejournal.com profile] dtissagirl and [livejournal.com profile] jujubinha, and I have to say two three four things:

1) I missed Daniel SO MUCH on season 6!
2) Poor Jonas...loved by a Goa'uld? Hey, that sounds like a corny romance novel!
3) Sam, COME ON! Grace is your daughter with JACK and she wanted to tell you that you two have GOT TO BE TOGETHER!!! Very cute and emotional episode, though I didn't cry. I like Sam.
4) I LOVE JANET! I do have a tendency to like characters that are doctors, but hers is special. AND he told that alien who was possessing Daniel's body that she would have him back, so, GO JANET! XD

The last couple of weekends were half fun, half tiring - saturdays were fun because were spent at [livejournal.com profile] dtissagirl's house watching SG-1 and FARSCAPE but sundays weren't because I spent them working - especially yesterday because it made me miss [livejournal.com profile] priwskywalker's birthday party - again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Priw!

Christmas is next week. AND I haven't bought any gift for anyone. GAH! ¬¬"

And the week after Christmas is New Year's Eve. So, that's a nice prompt to evaluate this past year - especially since I don't know when I will be able to come to the internet, let alone post at LJ, again!

This was a rough year.

I had some great things happening to me, like finally getting to be on the medical residence I really wanted all along, but I also had nasty things happening in my life. People I knew died and/or got very sick, among them my future-to-be father-in-law, who FINALLY seems to be fairing better, but still has much on his plate to deal with, like hemodialisis.

I once again was reminded that I'm a fool who thinks everyone is good and fair but life isn't fair, let alone good, and people can pretend to be your friends just to get whatever it is that they want and then ditch you. But at least that served - I hope - to help me learn from my mistakes.

However, even with all that was bad, it was a good year. I realized I need to focus on who and what give me something back in return - like work, since I need the money to buy my oh-so-dreamed apartment. My family and boyfriend are also in my list of priorities, because I love them to pieces - yes, even when my mother nitpicks about one thing or another - and they are the only ones who will forever be by my side when and if I need them.

I just know, more fiercely than ever before, that I love who I am, that I love my family and my boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] rjann, that I love the career I chose, and that I NEVER wanted nor I will ever want to be someone else.

I love my life.

Yes, it needs some improvements here and there, but nothing is ever perfect - unless you live in a fairy tale. And if anyone tells you differently, it's a lie.

Here, a toast to a better 2008 than 2007 was! Enjoy Christmas, concentrate on what it truly means, and prepare to a blasting 2008!


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