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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 07:33 pm)
* her best immitation of Joey's voice!*

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be travelling this friday to Buenos Aires, and will only be back on wednesday night - and very late at night!

Anyone in Rio want something from there?

On a totally unrelated topic, but very VERY funny!

What if Snape hadn't died?
There was a Half Blood Prince a few days ago, and there is a review on TLC. They talk about R/H and H/G, but what interested me most was...spoiler cut )
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( Dec. 12th, 2007 12:14 am)
Yep, more SG-1!

Just one quick comment - ok, not so quick:

YAY! DANIEL IS BACK! Yes, I did rush through season 6 just to have him back as quickly as possible. Not that I didn't like Jonas, he is cute, but he is not Daniel. So...YAY, DANIEL!

On another subject:

YAY, H/G!!!! :D And word about R/H!!! :DDD
I know I'm very very VERY late on writing my book 7 review - people have done about two or three reviews plus about 87 memes each one about the book by now - but for many reasons I haven't done mine.

Darth Real Life has got quite a grip on me this month. I've been working my @$$ off, finishing my first residence's monography, and trying to deal with whatever else Darth Real Life has aimed my way.

Skip this if you do not want to hear dreadful things )

Besides that, when I do manage to be at home and not working, I've been so very tired because of the aforementioned facts...that and the few times I sat on my computer I ended up not writing a review because this is the LAST Harry Potter book. And my LAST review.

I don't want it to end.

So, I've been postponing my review. Not anymore. )

I know that when I post this I'm going to remember another handful of comments I should have added, but it's 2:30 AM now, and I have to work tomorrow. ¬¬"

OH! I forgot to tell you guys! The weekend before book 7 came out I FINALLY finished watching Firefly and Serenity! I liked it very much - especially Wash *snif* - but I still prefer Farscape! ;)
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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:00 am)
Yeah, I bought it - with [ profile] dtissagirl, [ profile] weirdgirlie and [ profile] marcele - read it, and LOVED IT! :D

I will have to make a proper review later, but SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT! )
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( Jul. 2nd, 2007 10:04 pm)
Quick post!

All Ron's storylines - and greatest lines - have been cut from the movies so far and NOW that there was ONE storyline which I would be HAPPY if it got cut, they are not cutting it!

WHY? Oh, why are they leaving Won-Won and Lav-Lav???

OTOH, I think I just found out the PERFECT Lavender: Emma Watson! She is BLONDE now?!

Read more... )

Only thing is...what surprises have they LEFT for the actual MOVIE?
Yep, still working. Yep, I still owe you guys my detailed thoughts on BSG and PB endings. Yep, still anxiously waiting for April 23rd.

But I wanted to point out this for you guys!

Go and do yours!
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( Mar. 29th, 2007 10:36 pm)
Hi, long time no post!

Just a very quick post to tell you guys that I'm alive and also:

A) I'm working my @$$ off, getting home very tired every night, but I'm LOVING it! :D

B) YES, I watched BSG's last two episodes and YES I liked them very much! Some unexpected surprises - some very good, others I don't know what to think yet. Will have to comment - or rather, ramble on and on - about it later!

C) NO, I did not watch the latest Prison Break episode. I'm getting bored by it. They are stalling! They shouldn't have signed for a 3rd season! It's ruinning it! X|


E) YES, I did see the US and UK covers for HP book 7. My favorite? The UK Adult cover with the you-know-what that belonged to You-Know-Who and that you-also-know-who stole. Hated the UK children's cover though. It's almost worst than the OotP UK cover with chiken on fire the phoenix!

F) Yes, I did see the HP movie pictures. FINALLY a good Ron picture, looking brave! Ginny is SO CUTE! So is Luna. But Hermione Emma Watson annoys me.

G) I want to watch Stargate. And House. And about half-a-dozen other tv series. But do I have the time? XD

H) Did not watch the Spiderman 3 trailer. Too much spoilers I hear.

Anyway, I have to study. And sleep. I know what I SHOULD do, but I think what I shouldn't will prevail. Also, need to fix my room - which is a mess - before I can sleep study sleep. ;) *sigh*
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 01:11 am)
I do NOT want to get excited over movie 5, but it's getting harder with the teaser trailer and various other stuff coming out...I have to focus on the lack of Quidditch! XD

On the other hand, book 5 is the less action-packed, with quite looooong and annoying parts, perhaps the movie will actually be better than the...

No, I can NOT create such an expectation only to be disappointed! Must focus on lack of Quiddich and the buchering of Ron's character...and the fact that ANNOYING!Grawp is *STILL* on the movie, instead of Quidditch!

But...when you go and watch this HBO sneak peak - over and over and over again - and you see the sextet! Dumbledore! Sirius! Bellatrix! Lucius! Snape! SEXTET! DA! UMBRIDGE AND MCGONAGALL! - well, it's kinda hard not to get excited.

Is it July yet? XD
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( Aug. 28th, 2006 11:39 am)
First, they stole his lines - "Mudblood means bad blood" and "If you want to kill Harry, you'll have to kils us too" - along with his bravery, and now, they are stealing his moment of glory???

"...there is no storyline in the movie surrounding Ron's Quidditch hardships, nor has there been any filming on broomsticks done by Rupert. We're led to believe that this means there will be no Quidditch in the fifth film at all."

Part 1: Veronica Mars

Even though there is a certain scene that made me squee, because, OMGSWAY!, the show still doesn't feel like last season - granted, this was one of the few episodes that got close to it,'s just isn't last season. I've noted that for quite some time now, and you guys have noted it too, so, it's no surprise, but...*sigh* I'm not as excited about it as I was with season one. Anyway, gotta love Weevil (yes, even with what he did this episode), Logan, and a couple of Veronica moments, like the dance moment, and her "Damn my curiosity!" moment. And I like Beaver and Mac - I hope it works out in the end.

Part 2: V for Vendetta

Watched it yesterday with [ profile] rjann, and he was quite excited about it! Actually, everybody seemed excited about it, but even though I liked it, I was not OMG! GREAT MOVIE! like I usually am when I get excited about a movie. Don't get me wrong, I like Natalie Portman, and I don't think they could have picked a better actor to portray V than Hugo Weaving, because his voice conveys his emotions and even face expressions hidden by the mask, but...I wasn't excited. Even though I liked the movie. I guess I'm losing interest in movies in general.

*slaps herself* Ok, sorry, little moment of insanity here. I mean, how can I be NOT interested in movies? I mean, we have X3 coming out which will suck, I know, and Superman Returns which will also suck - don't let me get started on how I hate the idea of Lois having a kid that isn't Super's, and Pirates of Caribbean II and III and I fear for both because they are sequels, and those have a high chance of being bad.

Ok, where has gone my usually cheerful self? My movie!geek self? My eight or eight-hundred self, that only allows me to hate or to idolize something? *hangs her head in shame*

Well, let's hope I'm proven wrong and the next movies I go watch rock my world, right? ;) Though I have a feeling this sort of numbness has something to do with work, and that won't go away anytime soon. *sigh*

Part 3: Harry and Ginny and Peter and MJ

So, today I spent a most awesome day cuddling with my boyfriend and watching Spiderman II, and I must say that Ginny is SO gonna kick Harry's @$$ in book 7 and tell him that it's her CHOICE to be next to him, to fight with him, and to risk her neck and her life! I know this similarity has been pointed many times before, but I just wanted to say that again! :)

And I want to watch Spiderman III! Because I *think* that movie has a high chance of getting me excited over movies again! ;)
Just saw HBO's First Look at GOF, and man, I really REALLY need to see this movie. But while I have the feeling I will LOVE it as an action-thriller movie, I will HATE it as a book adaptation. Oh well. Can't have it all.

Also, like I said in the previous post, I saw a bit of the Premiere at London, and it was great! I was sad to miss Rupert, though, I love him, even though they make him a stupid coward clown in the movies, which Ron ISN'T.

I wish they would do live streaming for the NY premiere as well, so I could have a second chance to watch well as other actors, like Ralph Fiennes and Jason Isaacs. And I know I'm not the only one who wishes that! ;) [ profile] dabih, what would you think of watching "maridão" AKA Lucius Malfoy? ;) XD

ETA: Do we have Narcissa Malfoy in this movie or not?
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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:15 am)
I think I've reached the appex of my geekdoom these past few days...on saturday I went to a Ball inspired by HP's Yule Ball and organized by wonderful people from the HP fandom, like Edu, Milinha and [ profile] patigwblack.

It was a masked ball, with costumes being optional. This time the idea for the costumes came from my boyfriend - and after dressing him as Hagrid, Clark Kent, Chewie and a Quiddith player, I had to give in and go with his idea. But since it was a very good one, that wasn't hard! ;)

In fact, the idea was so insane great that when we arrived at the party we entered it at the sound of LOUD APPLAUSE! XD It was great! :D

Showtime! )

Then, last night, we went to the release of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on DVD dressed as bounty hunter and prey, again! ;)

Bouush and Chewie...and Obi-Wan X Vader X Yoda! ;) )

Btw, those last few pics? From the very first batch of pics taken with my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA! YES! I FINALLY bought one for me, with my very own hard-earned money! :D
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( Sep. 26th, 2005 07:50 pm)
Dear WB,

See, see, SEE? Rupert is good-looking and can look quite HOT with the right grooming, so, WHY do you keep making Ron looking like a MORON? And yes, he is supposed to in the Yule Bal, but ONLY in it!


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( Aug. 12th, 2005 08:25 pm)

Is it november yet???


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