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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 12:14 am)
So, I've found a new obsession. If you follow me on twitter, you probably figured out what it was - yep, that's right.


I've seen it at least 5 times already, and I CAN'T. STOP. LISTENING. TO. THE. SONGS! NONSTOP! And not only when I'm near any sort of radio or the computer, but also when I'm working - the songs keep playing over and over in my head, especially "Don't Stop Believeing!"

I sure wish FOX would change its mind and decide to run it as a mid-season show! ;) I CAN'T WAIT for september to watch the next episodes!

And I'm getting annoying because of it. My boyfriend [profile] rjann tells me Glee is my new Farscape.

Allow me to explain.

You guys probably didn't get my full annoying self a few years back with Farscape. I had seen the first few episodes of it a loooong time ago, but only really got into it after the Peacekeepers War came out and I finally decided to watch the entire show and went CRAZY with it! I pestered EVERYONE I know to watch it. AND I had seen the first episodes and only came full crazy with it after season 2.

Now, I only saw the VERY FIRST episode of Glee, and I'm already starting to act like I did after TWO SEASONS of Farscape. Scary, huh?

And there is one very funny thing about that, which [personal profile] dtissagirl pointed out the other day.

Finn is played by Cory Monteith, who did a younger Cameron Michell in the SG-1 episode 200. And who played Mitchell? Ben Browder, otherwise known as that guy who played John Crichton in Farscape. SO. I'm amused! :)

Anyway, long and rambling post like I haven't done in a LONG time!

But what I really came here to do was to ask this:

ANYONE UP TO DO A GRAMMAR BETA ON A GLEE FIC I WROTE? [personal profile] dtissagirl already looked it over for me, but seeing as we are both portuguese speaking people, I wanted someone who has English as their native language.
Hi! No, I'm not dead - yet, because I've been trying really hard to end up dead, what with working 48h straight on weekends...*sigh*

I've sat in front of this computer for a quite a few times this past weeks, but didn't have any disposition to write anything, because the beginning of the year was quite controversial to me, since some great things happened but also some terrible things.

Bad things )

However, I can't deny that my life has been good - and I feel guilty for being so blessed when people are having so much pain to endure.

Good things )

Ok, I think I talked WAY to much about my life right now! I've been very thoughtful about it, and I if I already talk too much when I'm not fully thinking, imagine when I AM thinking?! :P Sorry...

Anyway, about totally superfluous things now, before I cut my wrists! ;P

SGA S1 and beginning of S2 )

SG-1 beginning of Season 9 )
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( Nov. 6th, 2007 10:48 pm)
Last friday I finished season 4 of SG-1! There are episodes that are priceless - like Divide and Conquer, 2010, and a few others - and the season finale was at the very least audacious! I mean, they actually blew up a star to create a supernova!

During the weekend, apart from 36h working, I managed to watch two episodes from season 5 - and arrived to the conclusion that Teal'c is boooooooooooooooring! I love the trio Jack, Sam and Daniel - I love trios by rule - but Teal'c just...bores me. And the fact that Jack/Sam never becomes a reality in the show makes me sad...

And in a Farscape related note, look at the T-shirt my boyfriend made for himself and I stole from him because *I* was the one who introduced him to Farscape for me!

Photo behind the cut )
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( Oct. 18th, 2007 10:59 pm)
Long time no post! :D

Well, you know the, work, WORK! :D But I'm happy with my life, I wouldn't trade it with anyone else! ;)

What have I done apart from work? Hum, let's see...I've watched SG-1! I'm up to episode 3x11 now! Yeah, I watched almost an ENTIRE season since my last post! Here goes what I have to say so far in bullet points:

- I still like the Tok'ra :P
- I LOVE the Asgard! The Fifth Race is one of my favorite episodes so far! :D
- 1969 was great! Hammond RULES! :D
- The 2nd season finale was not as agonizing as some finales I've seen *cofBSGSEASONONEcof* but it was a nice finale nonetheless. For a moment I was like "What? They are in the future?" but pretty soon I caught up and realized it could only be a Goa'uld squeme. And I was right! :P
- Why didn't they explain Daniel's new hair? Btw, he is SO MUCH BETTER with cropped hair! :D
- Fair Game was another nice episode, and once again, I LOVE THE ASGARD!
- Point of View was SOOO bittersweet! Poor AU!Sam...and I wonder what Sam thought when Jack kissed AU!Sam! Nice episode - plot wise and SHIPPER wise! XD Also? KOWALSKI! I love him! :)
- Yeah, I have to admit, I think I've become a Jack/Sam shipper. :P
- Finally, there were two things that made me fall totally crazy over Stargate: The Movie. A geek, AKA Daniel Jackson, saving the world, and the Daniel/Shau'ri relationship. This relationship had already being ruined in the tv series, but her death was sooooo anti-climatic! At least to me, I didn't like that episode. :(
- That said, I still love Daniel Jackson. Daniel, Sam and Jack are SOOOO the new trio of my life! In case you didn't know, old trios are: Luke, Leia and Han; Harry, Ron and Hermione. Still very important to me. I think now I have a trio of trios! XD *is lame*

I think that's it about SG-1 for now! :P

About Heroes I have much to say, but I will resume it in two things: 1) I think I've become a West/Claire shipper! :P and 2) Are they going to use the Luke Skywalker cliché? ;)

I have two good news!

First one, my boyfriend [ profile] rjann has finally finished Farscape and he liked it very much! He even recommended it to [ profile] ricardosolo and that's a great victory for me! :D Hehehe...and I think I deserve a plush DRD now for introducing him to the show! ;)

Second good news: Tomorrow I'm going to the Brazillian Infectious Diseases Congress at Curitiba, and I will be there for four days! I've never been to Curitiba but they say it's a beautiful city!

See you when I get back! ;)
First and foremost, thanks go to Tissa for making me a new LJ header - as much as I love Heroes the black was starting to annoy me, and I wanted a brighter layout.

And so, my wish for a new layout combined with my refuelled excitement with Farscape due mainly to so many people close to me who are FINALLY watching it - namely my boyfriend [ profile] rjann and a few friends like [ profile] weirdgirlie! - I have a brand new FARSCAPE layout! :D

OH, and I think some hard evidence that [ profile] rjann is really liking Farscape is the fact that he found out that Scorpius was no other than ADMIRAL TARKIN in Episode III! Possibly one of the very few highlights in those three poorly written movies. Next thing we know, we will find out that Delvians are related to Chiss! Well, at least Zahn is, in a way...XD *silly*

On the "catching up" ground re: SG-1. [ profile] wikkibird I'm still on season 2 of SG-1 because I had never watched it, nor the movie, until the end of last year, when I finally saw the movie and became completely NUTS about it.

Anyway, I watched up to episode 2.14 - my 2.15 file is corrupted! :( - and I have to say that I'm beginning to get really excited about it! Past doings are beginning to have consequences in the present - and more will have consequences in the future, I guess!

I finally watched both Tok'ra episodes, and I still like them! It was pretty obvious what would happen with Sam's father, but nevertheless it was a nice predicted twist.

But I do agree with Jack when it comes to Maybourne - I hate that guy's guts!

At last but not least, HEROES IS BACK! And I loved it! spoilers under the cut )

As for Prison Break...yeah, I watched both episodes but no, I don't think I will be following this series anymore...too far-fetched, and I miss Sarah!
I think I've been working far too much. This weekend I actually worked 36h straight! *is dead*

But all is for the greater good - to enlarge my economies, enabling me, in the (I hope) very near future, to buy a dream or two...*ahem*

Today [ profile] hgranado left for London. He is going to spend a few months up to a year there. I wish him all the luck and success a friend can wish to another friend. I will miss him, he was the one who introduced me to [ profile] rjann - yes, Rafael has him to blame for having to put up with me! XD - he is a great friend, a HUGE Star Wars fan, and the only other person I know who was born on February 28th - all the jabs directed to people who were born on this day - people think we are a mixture of quirky and infuriating sometimes - will be directed to me now. *sigh*

Last week - before the long weekend with the 36h of DOOM! - I managed to watch some more SG-1 episodes, and...I'm beginning to like this show!

I think the first episode that really got me interested was Enigma, with the planet Tollan - their leader is the serial killer from Saw! XD Not that I ever watched any of those movies, nor do I find them interesting, but weird connections always amuse me! Anyway, what I liked about this episode was the discussion - or rather, quite the obvious conclusion - that any technology that Earth would acquire could and would be used in war. Another thing I liked was that this was perhaps the first connection between episodes we had when the Nox came to help the Tollans - and those ALWAYS are fun, at least to me.

Solitudes...oh, that was wonderful! And, surprisingly - at least when it comes to me - not because of the shipper side of it, even though the "That is my sidearm" line was HIlarious! (ETA: Thanks for the warning, [ profile] dtissagirl!) I liked it because I did NOT see the whole "they really are on Earth" twist coming. I think it could be one of my favorites so far!

Tin Man was also great, again because of a twist - I did not see the whole "WE really are robots/cyborgs/androids" coming!

Still three or four episodes to go! Soon I think I will need SG-1 icons.
*cofcofRight[ profile] dtissagirl?cofcof* Daniel Jackson icons! *ahem*

OH, and [ profile] rjann has reached Farscape Season 2 and is really liking it! He is even commenting and recommending the series to other people - far away from me and my GLEEFUL nonsense talk about it! ;P AND he has reached the conclusion that he is, indeed, John Crichton. Only [ profile] rjann and Crichton can be in a frelling dead end and laugh their heads off! XD

Kum-bi-yah! See ya later!


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