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( Apr. 15th, 2009 09:33 pm)
The tv season is coming to an end! In some ways I'm happy because I want closure on some series storylines, but I'm also sad because there are lots of series that won't be back next season. For example, Battlestar Galactica.

Yep, still not over that we won't have Adama and his crew next year. *sigh*

Not to mention that there are a few series that might not come back - please, let it be just might, not certainly won't! - like Chuck and Sarah Connor. I'd be sad to see both go, especially Sarah Connor, and especially after the last episode!


Also, not related to the show itself but rather to an actor: Brian Austin Green wants to be Green Lantern and I couldn't think of anyone BETTER than him! :D Also, also, he is a sci-fi fan! More especifically "an old school “Star Wars” fan, [who] was a bit disappointed by the way the new ones came together." *GRINS*

Other series I've been following...

Chuck )


Castle )

Big Bang Theory )

Going on a complete tangent here, I had a very nice Holy Week. Lots of food, fondue, shopping, family, friends, and swimming pool. I think I deserved these days off after the not so great March I had, and also because now I have FIVE jobs! Yep, that's right! I got an invitation to be THE infectious disease doctor at a very conservative, well-known and good hospital here in Rio! I'm so happy about it! :)

And at last but not least...I also got myself a Dreamwidth account, in case fandom decides to abandon LJ after their next bad move! :P Feel free to add me!

I messed up while backing up LJ to DW, so, all my entries have the same icons, but it's all there, entries and comments, and I hope that the icons will be soon fixable. I still need to figoure out how to do cross-posting (I found semagic confusing) and change my layout, though. When I have the time, obviously, which would be...not in a near future! *snort*

I do want to make a Castle layout for me, though - like you guys DIDN'T see this coming! :P

OH, which reminds me...[profile] rjann, look who has a twitter now! I never really wanted to open a twitter account, but I'm starting to reconsider it....:P
SO, lots of things happened this past few months! And since tonight we have a few series coming BACK from their hiatus, I thought I just HAD to update this thing!

Heroes )

Big Bang Theory )

Chuck )

How I met your mother )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles )


Oh, and I know you already know I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina. But I never really had the will or time to write about it until now. trip to Buenos! )

Anyway, it was a very good time with my friends. Now, let's see how many months it will take me to show you pictures! ;)

What else...on the work front! )

Well...that's all folks! See ya later!
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( Jun. 28th, 2008 08:24 pm)
Despite a set back this week in one of my projects, I have two GREAT news!

#1 I'm on VACATION this month! I sure need the rest! I'm still doing my extra shifts because they aren't connected to my medical resident...and my boyfriend will be working... One can't have it all, I guess. But it's some! :)

#2 AND I finally, FINALLY and OFFICIALLY am OFF SUNDAYS DAYS SHIFTS! Still doing the nights, but I'm OFF THE DAYS!!! YAY!

Btw, last night I went to the movies to watch WAAAAAAALL-E! So cute! And it sure sends an important message about how we are handling our one and only World.

Speaking of movies, last week I saw Get Smart and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Hilarious, really! My boyfriend laughed so much and so hard a guy in front of us kept eyeing us annoyed! But I love Anne Hathaway, and I think Steve Carrell is incredibly funny - come on, you just have to look at his face and you'd want to start giggling! The effect is even greater when he is doing a comedy! Loved the uterus dialogue, btw! XD

So, plans for this week:

Tomorrow - OMG! I HAVE FREE SUNDAYS! YAY! - I plan to watch Kung Fu Panda with [ profile] rjann in the afternoon.

Monday is actually my last day at work before vacations, so, work is going to be done! XD

Tuesday - or Wednesday depending on one thing - I think I'm going to Barra to watch two movies at UCI NYCC. At 20h45 Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian and then, perhaps, at 23h45 Iron Man - yes, again! :P Perhaps followed - or preempted - by some Pizza Hut. Hum. I guess if anyone would like to make me company?? *cof[ profile] weirdgirliecof*

Let's see if I actually manage to make all this, shall we? ;P OH, I will also try to post later this week my TO DO list for the vacation!
I have work to do, but I so DO NOT want to! My head is aching. A LOT! This has been happening every other day for the past two or three weeks. UGH! And I slept almost 12 hours this past night, so...why do I feel so tired and have a headache? I have a nagging feeling it's my allergic sinusitis again...Can it be July already? I need my vacation already! Though I'm not going to travel anywhere...*snif* So want to!

At least this past sunday I didn't work during the day, after working 9 months straight every sunday day! YATTA!

I saw Hulk. It's definitely no Iron Man, but it's better than the other Hulk movie - well, duh! Also, I love Edward Norton, so, everytime he transformed into Hulk...I got bored. Liked the little nods to previous Hulk versions, though! And the last scene...AWESOME! You guys know what I'm talking about! ;)

As for BSG midseason finale...OMFG IS IT 2009 yet??? I have to say Lee and Tigh were my favorite characters this episode - which is quite a surprise, since I always hated Tigh and Lee began as a favorite of mine but have been quite a pain in the ass the last few seasons.

Also, also...My guess at who is the Last Cylon...SPOILERS )
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( May. 31st, 2008 12:21 pm)
Yeah, still alive, but only barely. For about two months now, every other week I work two long periods of 56h with only 12h to rest in between. I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED! And my bosses won't let me go, even though I asked them to! :(

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the AWESOMENESS that BSG last season is! Ok, we had a couple of episodes that weren't that great, but the last two episodes...

SPOILERS under the cut! )

So, next episode? Please? Too bad Skyone won't be showing the episodes earlier anymore.
Hi! No, I'm not dead - yet, because I've been trying really hard to end up dead, what with working 48h straight on weekends...*sigh*

I've sat in front of this computer for a quite a few times this past weeks, but didn't have any disposition to write anything, because the beginning of the year was quite controversial to me, since some great things happened but also some terrible things.

Bad things )

However, I can't deny that my life has been good - and I feel guilty for being so blessed when people are having so much pain to endure.

Good things )

Ok, I think I talked WAY to much about my life right now! I've been very thoughtful about it, and I if I already talk too much when I'm not fully thinking, imagine when I AM thinking?! :P Sorry...

Anyway, about totally superfluous things now, before I cut my wrists! ;P

SGA S1 and beginning of S2 )

SG-1 beginning of Season 9 )
I've been working my @$$ off - proof? Since thursday I've worked 72 hours! - and haven't had the time to post - or watch SG-1 for that matter, still on the first half of season 5!

But I wanted to tell you not to worry, that I'm alive, and also post a quiz that is uncannily SPOT ON about me! ;P

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

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( Oct. 18th, 2007 10:59 pm)
Long time no post! :D

Well, you know the, work, WORK! :D But I'm happy with my life, I wouldn't trade it with anyone else! ;)

What have I done apart from work? Hum, let's see...I've watched SG-1! I'm up to episode 3x11 now! Yeah, I watched almost an ENTIRE season since my last post! Here goes what I have to say so far in bullet points:

- I still like the Tok'ra :P
- I LOVE the Asgard! The Fifth Race is one of my favorite episodes so far! :D
- 1969 was great! Hammond RULES! :D
- The 2nd season finale was not as agonizing as some finales I've seen *cofBSGSEASONONEcof* but it was a nice finale nonetheless. For a moment I was like "What? They are in the future?" but pretty soon I caught up and realized it could only be a Goa'uld squeme. And I was right! :P
- Why didn't they explain Daniel's new hair? Btw, he is SO MUCH BETTER with cropped hair! :D
- Fair Game was another nice episode, and once again, I LOVE THE ASGARD!
- Point of View was SOOO bittersweet! Poor AU!Sam...and I wonder what Sam thought when Jack kissed AU!Sam! Nice episode - plot wise and SHIPPER wise! XD Also? KOWALSKI! I love him! :)
- Yeah, I have to admit, I think I've become a Jack/Sam shipper. :P
- Finally, there were two things that made me fall totally crazy over Stargate: The Movie. A geek, AKA Daniel Jackson, saving the world, and the Daniel/Shau'ri relationship. This relationship had already being ruined in the tv series, but her death was sooooo anti-climatic! At least to me, I didn't like that episode. :(
- That said, I still love Daniel Jackson. Daniel, Sam and Jack are SOOOO the new trio of my life! In case you didn't know, old trios are: Luke, Leia and Han; Harry, Ron and Hermione. Still very important to me. I think now I have a trio of trios! XD *is lame*

I think that's it about SG-1 for now! :P

About Heroes I have much to say, but I will resume it in two things: 1) I think I've become a West/Claire shipper! :P and 2) Are they going to use the Luke Skywalker cliché? ;)

I have two good news!

First one, my boyfriend [ profile] rjann has finally finished Farscape and he liked it very much! He even recommended it to [ profile] ricardosolo and that's a great victory for me! :D Hehehe...and I think I deserve a plush DRD now for introducing him to the show! ;)

Second good news: Tomorrow I'm going to the Brazillian Infectious Diseases Congress at Curitiba, and I will be there for four days! I've never been to Curitiba but they say it's a beautiful city!

See you when I get back! ;)
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( Mar. 29th, 2007 10:36 pm)
Hi, long time no post!

Just a very quick post to tell you guys that I'm alive and also:

A) I'm working my @$$ off, getting home very tired every night, but I'm LOVING it! :D

B) YES, I watched BSG's last two episodes and YES I liked them very much! Some unexpected surprises - some very good, others I don't know what to think yet. Will have to comment - or rather, ramble on and on - about it later!

C) NO, I did not watch the latest Prison Break episode. I'm getting bored by it. They are stalling! They shouldn't have signed for a 3rd season! It's ruinning it! X|


E) YES, I did see the US and UK covers for HP book 7. My favorite? The UK Adult cover with the you-know-what that belonged to You-Know-Who and that you-also-know-who stole. Hated the UK children's cover though. It's almost worst than the OotP UK cover with chiken on fire the phoenix!

F) Yes, I did see the HP movie pictures. FINALLY a good Ron picture, looking brave! Ginny is SO CUTE! So is Luna. But Hermione Emma Watson annoys me.

G) I want to watch Stargate. And House. And about half-a-dozen other tv series. But do I have the time? XD

H) Did not watch the Spiderman 3 trailer. Too much spoilers I hear.

Anyway, I have to study. And sleep. I know what I SHOULD do, but I think what I shouldn't will prevail. Also, need to fix my room - which is a mess - before I can sleep study sleep. ;) *sigh*
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 11:32 pm)
Yeah, I know I've been neglecting *gasp* my LJ, but my weeks - and weekends - have been full. Especially at work - but it's sooooooo different from the previous work, and it's so much BETTER to work in a place where you are not exploited, where you really are important and where you are really LEARNING everyday...I've been tired, yes, but happy. :)

Anyway, in chronological order!

My birthday on february 28th was a quiet matter - it was a wednesday, so, I had dinner with family, boyfriend, and a few friends who could fit my birthday's celebration during a work day. The following weekend I met mroe friends, some - the geekier ones - I saw on saturday, at [ profile] hgranado's birthday party, and others - the crazier ones :P - I saw on sunday, when we had lunch/dinner at Pizza Hut.

Then, on monday, since I had a night shift, I saw the last Heroes very early in the morning, due to Global Canada airing the episode on Sunday - and I went to work jumping and kicking and wanting to scream and talk to someone about it, but I couldn't because nobody else had watched, and when they did watch, I was working for two days non-stop.

So, here goes my late review for Heroes: Parasite )

On Tuesday, after I woke up late at night - I had passed out from tiredness earlier in the afternoon - I finally managed to watch Prison Break and BSG: Maelstorm.

Prison Break has been giving me the "let's feed the audience with some BS and stall wrapping up all this mess because we just signed a contract for a third season" vibes ever since the previous week, and not even the Michael/Sara aspect of it made me very happy. This show is SOOOOO going to sink from now on! :((

BSG...oh, BSG, this episode was so much better than previous episodes, but it was also WORST! Allow me to explain... )

After another full week, I had my cousin's wedding to attend on saturday, and went to the movies on sunday to watch Ghost Rider, which was better than Elektra, but worst than Daredevil, but it was fun nevertheless because I was with [ profile] rjann and friends. :)

And then, yesterday. WITHOUT new Heroes episodes. Until FRAKKING APRIL 23RD! GAH! *pulls hair out*

Well, at least I still have the latest BSG episode to watch - again, I had to work two days non-stop and passed out from tiredness earlier today. But I intend to watch it ASAP. :)

But first, a meme! )
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 09:01 pm)
Today I went to my old job and the hag my old boss finally decided to give me the residence certificate I'm entitled to and release me from her evil clutches. I still don't have the paper on my hands, but it's close! She was the only thing preventing me from getting the paper, and now she finally had allowed for the paper to be made. YAY! Now I don't have to worry about losing my new and PERFECT - so far :P - medical residence because of that old witch! :D

Today I also fixed my car's A/C, to [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih - and all the others that usually drive with me - delight! It's too damn hot these days for me to drive with a broken A/C!

My mother gave me as an early birthday gift a chair for my computer - it's in black leather, with resting arms and small wheels underneath! So comfy! :D

Today was also a great day because I watched the latest episode of Heroes! Read more... )

And since I'm on reviewing mode, a quick review on BSG latest episode. Read more... )

Read more... )
Yeah, my half list already exploded with this news, but I had to mention it!


You know what's interesting? I didn't have a choice on when my vacation would be - I wanted it to be May to go to Celebration III or June to go to Comic Con, but I ended up with...JULY! XD

Until yesterday I was sad about it, but now...Hum...*evil plans*

Though I think I'd still prefer Celebration or Comic Con over book 7...*runs for cover*...Don't get me wrong, I love HP, but I can watch the movie and get the book here in Brazil all right, but we don't have those events here! :(

*still plotting to change her vacation*

Today I REALLY started my new residence/internship! SOOOOOOOOO different from the previous one, and so much better in so many different aspects! :D *happy happy day*
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( Jan. 21st, 2007 11:59 pm)
I'm so excited right now, I don't know if I will be able to sleep. At all.

Tonight BSG comes back to season 3.5, and tomorrow it's Heroes and Prison Break who are coming back. But what I'm really excited about is the fact that tomorrow I start my new residence! The one I wanted - even though I wasn't completely sure at the time - two years ago, and the one that after two years in HELL I realized it was the one I really wanted. The one in the place I want! OMG, I'm so nervous! Will I really like it? Will the people there be nice to me? *snorts* I should know better, right? But I'm naïve! Will I be ok, great or bad at it?

GAH! I want tomorrow to come already!

I'm more hyper than normal, if that's possible! XD
Three reasons to be happy:

1. I have my internet back! :)

2. I no longer have to work on weekends! Well, until by boss decides to be just plain mean and puts us in weekends again! This is all because on wednesday I start my second and last year as a internal medicine resident. So, I could move my extra-curricular ambulatory from saturday to friday, because now I have one day off from medical residency very week, and I no longer have any ER night shifts, saturday, sunday, or any other day night! :D YAY!

3. Yesterday I watched the VM First Season mini-marathon at TNT, and I *think* [ profile] rjann and [ profile] patigwblack are also getting addicted by it! ;) Which reminds me, I finally was able to download episode 2.11! And, man,... )
Gosh, I'm tired...and I've been a bit irritated at work lately - with all the things that people end up putting on our backs that shouldn't be our responsibility - and I can't wait to enter my second year of residence in february, but I'm also happy! :)

Why? Well, I had another great weekend with friends! :) On saturday I worked until 6PM - but it's a work different from that of medical residence, it's an ambulatory I make at a district just an hour outside my city, and it makes me feel better than the work I do the entire week because it's something I like, and the patients are so different from the ones I'm used to at the hospital! It's not perfect, I had one or two small troublesome things, but it's...different. It's something I like. And it relates directly to my decision regarding what specialty I'm doing. Yeah, I finally decided. But more on that later! ;)

After work, I went to [ profile] priwskywalker's house to have an all around great time - after a slightly detour because I got lost. We both, [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih and [ profile] ricardosolo played Detective, Uno, ate Hot Dogs, and were surprised by [ profile] radicool arriving there out of nowhere and quite late - I could swear she works at a branch of SD-6, but if I did, my life would be in danger! ;) After Rafaela arrived, we ended up watching X-Files: the episodes I remember the names are "Pusher", "Paper hearts" and batatinhas "Small potatoes", and I have to confess that watching that woman talking about Luke Skywalker made me want to laugh out loud at the same time that it made my cheeks burn and made me want to hide! XD

On Sunday morning we finally slept - I love to stay awake mostly all night watching TV shows and/or movies! - and when we woke up, Priw's father made us a delicious barbecue. Before sunset, though, we had to come back home - but only after watching Luke and Lorelai talking about Star Wars! LOL! XD If it weren't for Rory, I think I would be more excited to watch GG, but in the very few episodes I watched since the beginning of the series, I wanted to smack her, and I hear she has been even worst lately.

I just wish [ profile] nandaweasley, [ profile] patigwblack and [ profile] beta_jackman were there too!

Now, onto my decision regarding my work life. I have been siriusly considering especializing in infections disease, and my work on saturdays deals exactly with that, and even at my residence I'm more excited about patients related to that than other diseases, and I finally decided that that is what I want to do. So, because of that, today I started another medical residence course like the one I did the year before last, only this one trains us better in terms of learning how to actually MAKE the exams, because it has more exercise and stuff, which the other hadn't. Doing this course means that every monday, from now to the end of the year, I will be arriving at home at 10PM... I just hope I behave better this year and actually STUDY.

*sigh* But I get kind of tired just to imagine that I have to study surgery, ginecology & obstetrics and pediatrics all over again, which everybody else doesn't not to mention that they only start studying next month and will have less classes than I will.

But, hey, like I said, I'm irritated and have been complaing way too much lately - and when I'm not complaining, I'm telling people how boring and annoying I am and REALLY annoying them.

I need a vacation.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2005 05:23 pm)
Man, I'm so tired and ticked off...for no apparent reason!

Well, I have to admit that I left the hospital last tuesday quite ticked off and sad, slept badly last night, and now I'm probably PMSing, but still...

I mean, last night I went to bed very late just to be awakened an hour later by my boyfriend when he called just to tell me he had got home ok, and I almost took his heart out so disgruntled that I was, but...that was uncalled for! SORRY, baby!

I guess I'm just...tired...stressed out...and worn out...*sigh*

And I was hoping to be better today because I went to watch Chronicles of Narnia yesterday with some friends, and quite loved the movie! But when I got to work, I started snapping at everyone! Gosh, I'm irritating even MYSELF!

*sigh* I need a vacation...

Anyway, LOVED Narnia! Yes, I still haven't finished reading the book - even though I bought it about 6 months ago, I didn't have the time to read it until a few weeks ago, and then I just read it up to midday through The Magician's Nephew. I loved the movie! I LOVED LUCY, she is my favorite character, next to Aslam! Great movie, great special effects, and from what I hear, a better adaptation than HP! ;)

ETA: THANK YOU, [ profile] julie_weasley and [ profile] beta_jackman for you Christmas Cards! ;)
Yesterday I had this beautiful post, ready to submit, but LJ was having a server problem, and was on read-only mode...and as I was waiting to post it, we had a power instability at home and eventually lost it, and my computer shut down. Luckily, I have a nobreak, otherwise I *think* I might have lost my PC...*sigh*

Anyway, last tuesday the new emergency of the hospital I work on opened, and we finally have air conditioning again! FREEZING air conditioning! :D AND the part dedicated to the more severe patients now is so much more better equipped! At least for the time being, while the new apparel - mechanical respirators, cardiac monitors - is still working. I'm a happy girl. :) I actually took pictures with my cell phone camera, I will try to post them here later!

I saw the movie again yesterday, for the third time, with my cousins Gabriela and Daniela. Dani is a great fan of the books and has read them all, Gabi only read up until the third one, but both enjoyed the movie very much. And I have to say that I love the movie more and more with each viewing, despite all the subplots and characters that were cut - I had forgotten about Ludo! XD - but I hate more and more Emma Watson...

Here is why... )

Now, the meme:

Meme! )
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( Oct. 26th, 2005 10:52 pm)
I haven't updated in a while, so, here it goes! A quick update!

1) I loved the soundtrack for GOF, especially DO THE HIPPOGRIFF! Does anyone know the lyrics??

2) My boss no longer is my boss, but responsible for the emergency department...and the boss of my new boss. X|

3) I'm tired after working saturday AND sunday nights at the ER, two weekends I won't have any ER shifts so I can go to JEDICON SP! :D

4) I felt a HUGE weight lift off my shoulders the other day.

5) I'm getting tired of working saturdays. I'm almost giving up my ambulatory on saturdays and I can't WAIT to get rid of my saturday night ER shifts, but I have no choice in that matter.

6) I love my boyfriend. Yes, I know this isn't an update, since it's old news, but I wanted to say it anyway. :)

7) Trying to watch all those episodes I missed from Smallville's 4th season made me remember why I stopped watching it: I HATE LANA! X|

8) I don't know why, but since "day one", or rather, episode one - no, not SW:TPM - I have the felling that Chloe is going to play an important part in the reason why Clark and Lex become enemies in the Smallville universe. I always thought Lex was going to kill her, or be responsible for her death...I don't know why! Well, maybe the fact that the TWO major chances in the Superman's lore was the introduction of Chloe's character and the fact that Lex and Clark were friends when younger, so, figures the two changes will be the ones to work the universe back in its axis.

9) Ok, I did not make much sense on the last paragraph. And it was not an update either. XD

10) I love my friends! *HUGS [ profile] dabih, [ profile] priwskywalker, [ profile] radicool, Nanda, Cado - Nanda is going to kill me! XD, and Henrique!* Not to mention my best friend Cássia, just because I love her!! OH! And someone who was never quite as close as them, but who surprised me very very VERY much, in a very good way, Aline! OH, and my "comadre", [ profile] patigwblack, who was a huge support for me during difficult times, even though she didn't know! *HUGS* :)
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( Sep. 13th, 2005 10:50 pm)
YAY! *Happy Snoopy Dance*

1) I'm FINALLY feeling like I'm learning something at the ER, not just being used as a cheap worker!

2) I got this! :D XD
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( Sep. 8th, 2005 08:11 pm)
Last sunday, [ profile] priwskywalker called me all giddy to tell me that she had bought the first season of Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman in DVD, which I haven't realized had been released here in Brazil yet, so I ran to the store and bought it at the last minute before the store closed! *hugs DVDs* XD

On monday, I got back to work, but since yesterday was a holiday for us, this week has been really quiet and not so exhausting as I thought it would, even working at the ER on tuesday - of course, the fact that saturday hasn't come to pass also accounts for it, since on saturday I work 24 hours. Ugh. But it was my choice and I like working on the ambulatory I work saturday morning and afternoon - the problem is the ER at night. *sigh*

But my tuesday ER shift was SO great! The doctors that work on this shift regularly are great, and since their team is complete, I get to choose where I want to stay and I get to learn and do more! :D

Today was my afternoon off, and tomorrow I'm going on a course at the afternoon, so the week will stay light...I hope saturday does as well!

On not work-related notes! Yesterday I spent a day talking about TV series and the like, as well as more serious stuff like our government, with [ profile] dtissagirl, [ profile] weirdgirlie, [ profile] andreh and [ profile] tatileite, whom I'm adding to my flist now. :) Our picnic didn't come throught because it rained yesterday and the day before that, but we met at [ profile] andreh's house and it was great! :)

And my boyfriend has been sick since tuesday...:( I went to his house to take care of him this past two days - he had the flu and an exacerbation of his allergies, but he is finally getting better. :)


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