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( Dec. 31st, 2006 05:43 pm)
If I thought Eragon had a *LOT* of LOTR in it with a few Star Wars hints here and there - like Obi-Brom Kenobi, copyright by [ profile] alphabet26 - Eldest *IS* STAR WARS.

Spoilers for Eldest under the cut! )

Now, when does book 3 of Inheritance comes out? ;) Will he continue with SW and LOTR, or will he use another fandom? ;) XD

And before I go:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!! :D

I hope next year goes better than this last one!

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( Dec. 27th, 2006 11:46 pm)
First of all, belated thanks go to [ profile] julie_weasley and [ profile] priwskywalker for their Christmas cards. I was not too Christmas-ey this year, that's why I didn't send any cards. Sorry guys, I will try to be more excited next year.

I know I've been MIA this past few days, but first, it was Christmas, although a quiet - and thankfully also peaceful - one spend home with my mother and sister, and then, there was book reading.

Since there was a movie adaptation of Eragon going out this Christmas, I decided to buy the book and read it a few weeks ago. Midway through it I got bored by it, but eventually finished, saw the movie and bought book 2, Eldest.

The book is NOT OMGTHATWASAWESOME and it's NOT a total FAILURE either, it's just...ok. That probably means a lot, becase as [ profile] rjann always says, I either LOVE stuff or HATE them, and this was one of the few things that was simply ok. Yes, it's a fantasy book, and one with dragons, but there was a few things that annoyed me. Mainly, the fact that it feels to me as a copy of various other fandoms/stories/books/movies. Come on! It's like reading a LOTR fanfic! AND I have never read any of those famous dragons books, but I'm sure if any of you have - [ profile] starpiper you read some, didn't you? - you could point out similarities to those as well! Just read the following (incomplete, for sure) list and tell me if you agree with me or not!

Similarites between Eragon, LOTR and SW. Spoilers up to the middle of book 2, Eldest )

The second book is better than the first - at least so far - because *gasp* of Roran's side story. I love secondary characters! And his, Katrina's, and Carvahall's story are very interesting!

And the movie was enjoyable - they shortened Eragon and Brom's journey, which to me was the boring part with they going around in circles and solving nothing, and I liked what they did with spoiler inside ) but not so much what they did with Murtagh. And Arya is completely off character. But it's entertaining. :)

I think I told you guys that I just upgraded my internet connection last weekend to 4MB. Well, yesterday the connection started to give me some trouble - I kept getting disconnected, but I managed to reconnect without trouble.

Today, however, when I got home from work, I couldn't connect. Tried restarting the PC, reseting the modem, nothing worked. Called Velox - the internet cable service I have - and they told me some BS about rerouting my connection/phone line. And that I can't connect until tomorrow at 6PM! I thanked them for their consideration to me, because they alerted me before-hand and all...NOT! THEY DID NOT TOLD ME THEY WOULD BE CUTTING MY CONNECTION! THAT MAKES ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD! I had promised one of the doctors who works with me that I would send out an email for her! And it's important! X|

Anyway, after much trouble, cursing, and asking [ profile] rjann for help over the phone, I managed to set up a DIAL UP connection, and got online. Through dial-up. Slow connection. Which means...NO NEW VM EPISODE FOR ME! X|

I'm NOT happy. AT ALL.

Well, that's not entirelly true. I wasn't happy, I was pretty mad actually, until I saw this: SW ORIGINAL Original Trilogy coming out on DVD in September! Thanks [ profile] snarkel for the heads up! ;)

*happy snoopy dance*

But still...mad about my connection. Grrrr...
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( May. 2nd, 2006 12:31 am)
Yesterday we had a very nice day - although tiring for someone so, er, "well fit" XD as me! We went to our Navy Museum, visited a submarine, a ship and our Fiscal Island - it no longer servers as a fiscalization place - it's a museum now, completely restored - but it used to be when Brazil was a monarchy.

Today I had a barbecue with my coleagues from work, and - as always when I'm in a group of people - our conversation ended up being about movies. We talked about X3 and Superman Returns, and how much I think they will be disasters - well, after seeing this, I'm not so sure about X3, but I'm mostly sure.

One movie led to another and we ended up talking about SW. I, of course, mentioned that I was a huge fan, which prompted one of our first-year residents to say, "Did you know that the story continues beyond the movies, that there are books about it?"



Poor kid. He never saw it coming. He ended up bombarded with tons of info about the EU. :)
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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:15 am)
I think I've reached the appex of my geekdoom these past few days...on saturday I went to a Ball inspired by HP's Yule Ball and organized by wonderful people from the HP fandom, like Edu, Milinha and [ profile] patigwblack.

It was a masked ball, with costumes being optional. This time the idea for the costumes came from my boyfriend - and after dressing him as Hagrid, Clark Kent, Chewie and a Quiddith player, I had to give in and go with his idea. But since it was a very good one, that wasn't hard! ;)

In fact, the idea was so insane great that when we arrived at the party we entered it at the sound of LOUD APPLAUSE! XD It was great! :D

Showtime! )

Then, last night, we went to the release of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on DVD dressed as bounty hunter and prey, again! ;)

Bouush and Chewie...and Obi-Wan X Vader X Yoda! ;) )

Btw, those last few pics? From the very first batch of pics taken with my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA! YES! I FINALLY bought one for me, with my very own hard-earned money! :D


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