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( Jul. 7th, 2008 04:40 pm)
So, I finally, FINALLLY, am call catch up with SGA. Yes, I just watched episode 5x01.

I just realized I posted nothing of season 3 or 4 here in LJ! I wonder why??? *cofbecausemostofitsuckcof* Anyway, I got stuck in the middle of season 4 because it was THAT BAD, and I just have a few eight things to say:

Spoilers for SGA S4 )

Also, also! Forgot to mention in my last entry that last week I saw SG: Continuum! And I liked it! SPOILERS )

Now, what should I do? I've been watching SG-1 and SGA for so long...what should I do next?

Watch the series I used to follow but lost interest in and stopped watching, like LOST, Smallville, or Desperate Housewives? Watch House or Monk since their beginning? Rewatch an old series I love, like Lois & Clark or Moonlight with Dave Addison and Maddie Hayes? What should I do?
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( Mar. 31st, 2008 11:19 pm)
I finished it. All ten seasons. Actually, I finished it a bit over one week ago, but didn't have the time to post about it.

The End of SG-1 - Season 10 )

The Ark of Truth )

As for SGA...yes, I finished season 2 and started season 3, but I'm way too tired now to post any kind of coherent review about it. But it's been good so far! Even thrilling in some parts! ;)
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 06:59 pm)
...que hoje é seu aniversário! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO, [ profile] pollysummers!

Yeah, it's been two weeks since I last posted - I think. I remember those days when I posted almost daily! I miss those days. I had a calmer life. :P

News, news, what news do I bring you? Well, not much, except that I finished SG-1 season 9 and SGA season 2!

more under the cut... )

ETA: Almost forgot!


I'm joining, are you?
Hi! No, I'm not dead - yet, because I've been trying really hard to end up dead, what with working 48h straight on weekends...*sigh*

I've sat in front of this computer for a quite a few times this past weeks, but didn't have any disposition to write anything, because the beginning of the year was quite controversial to me, since some great things happened but also some terrible things.

Bad things )

However, I can't deny that my life has been good - and I feel guilty for being so blessed when people are having so much pain to endure.

Good things )

Ok, I think I talked WAY to much about my life right now! I've been very thoughtful about it, and I if I already talk too much when I'm not fully thinking, imagine when I AM thinking?! :P Sorry...

Anyway, about totally superfluous things now, before I cut my wrists! ;P

SGA S1 and beginning of S2 )

SG-1 beginning of Season 9 )
Quick post to wish everybody on my flist a Merry Christmas! I hope all Christmas truly means reverberate throughout next year in all your lives! Happiness, family, love, all that!

And, as I have done in every entry lately, I must speak of SG-1...and this time, also, SGA!

Cut for Tati's sake! SG-1 )

Stargate Atlantis! )

Now, off to finish SG-1 Season 8 before Christmas supper! Only then I intend to finish SGA S1!


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