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( Mar. 29th, 2009 09:10 pm)
Yeah, I know, been away for quite some time...was preoccupied and busy with family health issues.

Nevertheless, I've been finding time between work and Darth Real Life to watch some tv (a girl gotta have some fun, right?) so, here it is my long overdue review on BSG's last episode - which was probably the BEST end to a series I've ever watched!


Now, my newest addiction - yes, kids, run for your lives before I bore you to death with my nagging for yet another show, much like I did with Farscape and BSG - CASTLE!

So, I only started watching it because it has Nathan Fillion and - HI, he is funny and pretty! Besides, I knew my [ profile] rjann would watch it - he has a man!crush on Nathan (yeah, I know, that sounds so gay!) - so I started watching it, and I love it! But not for the reasons you guys think. Spoilers under the cut )

As for the rest of TV shows...

I stopped following Heroes - I'm going to wait until it's over to watch it all IF it seems worth the time.

Terminator hadn't been at its best this second season, but the last couple of episodes were better! Gotta love the Connor disfunctional family!

Big Bang Theory continues to be one of the best comedies out there to me - nowadays it's better then HIMYM or Chuck - and although my favorite characters are Sheldon and Penny, I don't see them together simply because Sheldon is assexual. No, I don't see Penny with Leonard either, not at this point in the series anyway. I have read a few Penny/Sheldon fics that are cute, and I think they could work together, but Sheldon would never EVER express any kind of romantic or sexual interest in anyone. Sure, as a fic, it's a guilty trip, but it will never be canon. So, I can't buy P/S.

How I met your Mother has seen better days, but I sure loved the "sleep over" episode. Robin's show on the TV and the nightshirt/nightgown storyline where hilarious! AND we can TOTALLY see Allyson's belly!

And Chuck continues to be the silly/funny/cute spy show on monday that it's supposed to be, now with some story development with all that Orion stuff. Can't wait to see Tricia Helfer's special guest appearance!
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( Jun. 5th, 2007 09:32 pm)
I wrote this sunday night monday morning at 3AM but LJ has NOT let me post it since then! *fumes*,

Guys, I'm back! Actually, I've been back for a few days, but had no time to post whatsoever trying to catch up with my friends and family, and also making for the lost time with my boyfriend! ;P

Anyway, Celebration IV was every bit what I was expecting and more! The panels, the signings, the lines, the shops, the thrill! It was AWESOME! I even had a piece of cake to celebrate the Star Wars 30 years! :D With 3PO on top of it!

New York quite surprised me, though. I didn't know what to expect and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Times Square was my favorite place in NY - and, obviously, I took an "YATTA!" picture there! ;) XD

I have tons of stuff to tell you guys, a very big and LONG retelling of my adventures at NY and at CIV, but it's quite late now - that's what happens when one tries to catch up with her flist after almost 3 weeks! I went through the last 700 entries up until May 21st - and I couldn't go any further because, apparently, back-reading my LJ flist stops at 700 entries!

Anyway, back to CIV...I have many many MANY pics to sort through - almost 900, but most of them are out of focus - no matter how close I was to the stage, it was never close enough. I just want to show you guys one picture of it - actually, two three four and one CIV related pic! - a pic from NY, and a few from the Warner Bros Studio Deluxe Tour I took! :D

NY picture - Times Square )

CIV pictures - and a CIV related picture )

WB studio tour pictures )

And now, the only down point in my whole vacation - and on the second to last day, before going to WB, I sprained my ankle! It hurted like hell and it's still swollen!

I know what happens in Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice - SPOILERS FOR THAT BOOK UNDER THE CUT! )
Since tomorrow I'm going to NEW YORK, BABY! I figured I should post my feelings about Prison Break's and BSG's finales! And the last three Heroes episodes as well!

Before that, though, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

And yes, I should be packing my bags, but I'll do that later!

Prison Break Season Finale )

BSG Season Finale )

Man, I've been so busy that I didn't post ANYTHING about any of the new Heroes episodes after the show's hiatus! So...Heroes! )

And to think that tomorrow night I will be flying to NY while the episode is on, and WITHOUT a computer on the next day to download the episode! GAH! *pulls her hair out* Anyone know how long does it take for NBC to put the episode on their website? Perhaps I can watch it in Atlanta, while I wait for my connection to NY!

At last, it's time to say good bye!

I will see all you guys later! I will try to update during my trip, but I can't be sure if I will be able or not.

Tomorrow, NY. Next week, LA. And then...CELEBRATION, HERE I COME! :D
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( May. 11th, 2007 02:10 am)
Geez, I don't remember a time when it took me so long to update here!

Yes, I still owe you a BSG season finale LONG reaction-post.

Yes, I've been watching Heroes and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT - the Petrellis RULE! Although in the last episode I think Peter was dumb to go to that plaza, and Mama Petrelli kinda scared me

Yes, I've been on vacation since the the begin of the month, but have mostly stayed home.

But all that is NOTHING compared to what news I bring you! NOTHING!


Yep, you heard - er, read - me right!


Actually, first I'm going to New York, THEN I'm going to Los Angeles and CELEBRATION IV!

Anyone from my flist wants to meet up while I'm over at the USA? For the FIRST TIME in my life?




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