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( Sep. 17th, 2008 05:16 pm)
...has been very nice! Perhaps not as good as August, but nice nonetheless!

First weekend, we had JEDICON - our SW convention - and although in previous years it had seen better editions, on this one I got to see [ profile] hgranado, who came from London to visit, and [ profile] priwskywalker who also came, but from São Paulo. I think what annoyed me the most was that another person that wasn't me made the SW EU lecture, but...oh, well. :P They had an amazing customs exhibiton, though, including a life-sized speeder bike! :D

On that sunday I had lunch at my sister's apartment, with our mom and my boyfriend. [ profile] rjann sure enjoyed the PS3 "Force Unleashed" preview Igor - my sister's boyfriend - had! But not as much as the real game - more on that later! ;)

Last friday I saw "Mamma Mia!" It's sort of a silly movie, with a few dialogue sentences only meant to connect a whole bunch of Abba songs, but the music was contagious, we kept clapping and singing, and moving our feet to the rhythm of the music! One thing bugged me though. little spoiler ) I left the movie theater singing though.

This past weekend, we celebrated [ profile] nandaweasley's birthday! We went to Outback - LOVE this restaurant! - and we ate, and we talked A LOT! Lots to catch up on! Sunday I had to work, but it was, thankfully, a quiet shift.

So. About "Force Unleashed". NO, I haven't played it - yet. But [ profile] rjann has. Last night, while I was WORKING, he spent about 5 hours playing it - he told me the last, what, two or three hours, were spent trying to reach just one more level...than just one more level...and one more...LOL. XD At least now I can play with Mara! Yep, he unlocked her character! And, until he finishes the game - which should happen by the end of the week - I'll stand by my belief that, in the end, Mara Jade kills Starkiller. It's so obvious! Vader tries to betray Palpatine, whom in turn sends his apprentice, Mara, to kill Vader's. :) :P But, yeah, if you are wondering, it sure sounds like a GREAT game!

OH, before I go, one link, two countdowns, and one question!

Star Wars (and others) dolls!

TWO DAYS to the Brazillian IRON MAN DVD release! YAY!

Also TWO DAYS for Brisingir! Yes, the third installment on Paolini's saga - or should I say the SW/LOTR/HP mixed homage? XD

FIVE DAYS to a new HIMYM episode! AWESOME! And I have the gut feeling it's going to be LEGEN - wait for it - DARY! XD

At last, the question...I have a Tungsten E, but it's old, and I never really got very used to it - always forgot to charge it - and I was thinking about buying a smartphone. Thing is, I have a few programs - NOT DATA, or PIM - in there that I'd like to still use in my new smartphone. That plus everyone I know who owns a PDA has a Palm OS based one, and most of the medical programs I know are in that system - although a few come in Blackberry and WM OS. there any way to make a Palm OS PROGRAM work in another operating system?

Gotta go now... Let's see what I'll do this next few weekends ahead... ;)
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( Dec. 27th, 2006 11:46 pm)
First of all, belated thanks go to [ profile] julie_weasley and [ profile] priwskywalker for their Christmas cards. I was not too Christmas-ey this year, that's why I didn't send any cards. Sorry guys, I will try to be more excited next year.

I know I've been MIA this past few days, but first, it was Christmas, although a quiet - and thankfully also peaceful - one spend home with my mother and sister, and then, there was book reading.

Since there was a movie adaptation of Eragon going out this Christmas, I decided to buy the book and read it a few weeks ago. Midway through it I got bored by it, but eventually finished, saw the movie and bought book 2, Eldest.

The book is NOT OMGTHATWASAWESOME and it's NOT a total FAILURE either, it's just...ok. That probably means a lot, becase as [ profile] rjann always says, I either LOVE stuff or HATE them, and this was one of the few things that was simply ok. Yes, it's a fantasy book, and one with dragons, but there was a few things that annoyed me. Mainly, the fact that it feels to me as a copy of various other fandoms/stories/books/movies. Come on! It's like reading a LOTR fanfic! AND I have never read any of those famous dragons books, but I'm sure if any of you have - [ profile] starpiper you read some, didn't you? - you could point out similarities to those as well! Just read the following (incomplete, for sure) list and tell me if you agree with me or not!

Similarites between Eragon, LOTR and SW. Spoilers up to the middle of book 2, Eldest )

The second book is better than the first - at least so far - because *gasp* of Roran's side story. I love secondary characters! And his, Katrina's, and Carvahall's story are very interesting!

And the movie was enjoyable - they shortened Eragon and Brom's journey, which to me was the boring part with they going around in circles and solving nothing, and I liked what they did with spoiler inside ) but not so much what they did with Murtagh. And Arya is completely off character. But it's entertaining. :)
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( Mar. 10th, 2006 10:39 pm)
No need to run away, this time I won't talk about Superman! ;) XD

This week I saw two very different movies that were nominated for Oscars - Walk the Line and Munich - and I wanted to leave my review of these great movies here. :)

Walk the Line )

Munich )


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