Yes, I'm still here. But work has eaten me alive! Not that I'm complaining - the more I work, the more money I make and the closer I am to buying my own apartment (if I stop spending the money, that is, with trips and a notebook, and whatelse) - but I'm tired, and I haven't updated in weeks!

Anyway, TWO THREE big HP fandom things!

FIRST! THE 5th MOVIE! I saw it on the premiere with a few close friends and LOVED IT! Undoubtely the BEST ADAPTED MOVIE so far, even though it still has some details missing. You can read my full account and thoughts about it here (in portuguese), but let me just resume my thoughts in 3 bullet points:

1) I LOVE THE SHIPPER SCENES IN THIS ONE! Including the R/S scene - yes, there was one, at least to me! But the best ones were the R/H ones. :) :D

2) I LOVE THE SEXTET! Luna and Neville are SOOO great! As characters, as DA members, as Harry's friends...loved it!

3) LOVED the battle at Ministry at the end. And yes, I preferred the way that character died in the movie better than the book - at least it's not a STUPID VEIL!


FOUR DAYS TO THE FINAL HARRY POTTER BOOK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs around the house screaming and avoinding spoilers LIKE HELL!*

A few thoughts about what I think might happen in book 7 here (again in portuguese). I just hope I'm wrong about most of them, because I want to be SURPRISED! :D

THIRD! I was invited as a special guest for the last NERDCAST! Isn't that awesome??? :D
If you want to hear me rambling in portuguese, you can go here. It's the 70th nerdcast, and, yes, it's in portuguese.

On a non-HP related subject, IS THIS TRUE??? Could Farscape BE BACK?? *praying*

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Only thing is...what surprises have they LEFT for the actual MOVIE?
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( Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:31 pm)
This week's BSG episode was...interesting. BSG 3.09 Spoilers under cut )

Last night ABC showed some behind the scenes videos from OOTP, and [ profile] ohnotheydidnt has a post with all of the videos here and OMG! OMGOMGOMG! General squeeing under cut )
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 01:11 am)
I do NOT want to get excited over movie 5, but it's getting harder with the teaser trailer and various other stuff coming out...I have to focus on the lack of Quidditch! XD

On the other hand, book 5 is the less action-packed, with quite looooong and annoying parts, perhaps the movie will actually be better than the...

No, I can NOT create such an expectation only to be disappointed! Must focus on lack of Quiddich and the buchering of Ron's character...and the fact that ANNOYING!Grawp is *STILL* on the movie, instead of Quidditch!

But...when you go and watch this HBO sneak peak - over and over and over again - and you see the sextet! Dumbledore! Sirius! Bellatrix! Lucius! Snape! SEXTET! DA! UMBRIDGE AND MCGONAGALL! - well, it's kinda hard not to get excited.

Is it July yet? XD


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