Yesterday I went with [ profile] rjann to the movies to watch James Bond, and I actually enjoyed it! It wasn't as full of blatant lies and impossibilities as the usual Bond movie, and Craig did a good job with the character - mind you, I thought he was a pretty good spy and undercover, and actually did pull the ladies' man character quite well, but he still doesn't *look* like Bond to me. Too used to Pierce Brosnan for that, and I still prefer Sean Connery. I do have to admit he has a very well muscled and HOT body - sorry, [ profile] rjann - but his face still looks a bit too hard and gruffy to me, and he has big ears - heh, like I could complain about that, but at least my hair covers mine! XD Great entertainment movie! :)

Speaking of 007, I found a rather interesting interview with Sean Bean at [ profile] bean_daily regarding his past role of 006 and thought I should share this:

I love it. It's more fun to play the bad guy. (...) A bad guy has to have unpredictability. You have to be able to make the audience sympathize with your character without being cheesy. I like playing intelligent bad guys. They have to have an agenda. Plus, I do think there's something sexy about them. They're driven, passionate, edgy. It's quite seductive for a character to achieve all that.

*fans herself* Btw, just to say something that is blatantly obvious but nevertheless I'm compelled to say: Sean is WAY HOTTER than Craig. Face and body-wise! :) ;) XD

On a totally unrelated subject, I'm SOOOOO behind in reading [ profile] 12days_of_clois daily fics! I feel bad about it! I've been so anxious over tomorrow's results, not to mention working and being so damn tired - I blame the heat for it, though - that I only read [ profile] alphielj's fic! Shame on me! I need to catch up! And even MORE shame because I didn't start writing my own fic! *facepalms* I have it on my head, mostly, I just need to sit and type it down, but I sort of can't decide between two scenarios - and since [ profile] htbthomas already wrote about a SR Christmas, I'm thinking of using another universe to write mine...I dunno. I think eventually I will go with SR - and I will write it before reading Barbara's fic - but I'm really not sure...


Debora *crossing her fingers hoping she passed*
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( Dec. 22nd, 2005 05:23 pm)
Man, I'm so tired and ticked off...for no apparent reason!

Well, I have to admit that I left the hospital last tuesday quite ticked off and sad, slept badly last night, and now I'm probably PMSing, but still...

I mean, last night I went to bed very late just to be awakened an hour later by my boyfriend when he called just to tell me he had got home ok, and I almost took his heart out so disgruntled that I was, but...that was uncalled for! SORRY, baby!

I guess I'm just...tired...stressed out...and worn out...*sigh*

And I was hoping to be better today because I went to watch Chronicles of Narnia yesterday with some friends, and quite loved the movie! But when I got to work, I started snapping at everyone! Gosh, I'm irritating even MYSELF!

*sigh* I need a vacation...

Anyway, LOVED Narnia! Yes, I still haven't finished reading the book - even though I bought it about 6 months ago, I didn't have the time to read it until a few weeks ago, and then I just read it up to midday through The Magician's Nephew. I loved the movie! I LOVED LUCY, she is my favorite character, next to Aslam! Great movie, great special effects, and from what I hear, a better adaptation than HP! ;)

ETA: THANK YOU, [ profile] julie_weasley and [ profile] beta_jackman for you Christmas Cards! ;)
Yesterday I had this beautiful post, ready to submit, but LJ was having a server problem, and was on read-only mode...and as I was waiting to post it, we had a power instability at home and eventually lost it, and my computer shut down. Luckily, I have a nobreak, otherwise I *think* I might have lost my PC...*sigh*

Anyway, last tuesday the new emergency of the hospital I work on opened, and we finally have air conditioning again! FREEZING air conditioning! :D AND the part dedicated to the more severe patients now is so much more better equipped! At least for the time being, while the new apparel - mechanical respirators, cardiac monitors - is still working. I'm a happy girl. :) I actually took pictures with my cell phone camera, I will try to post them here later!

I saw the movie again yesterday, for the third time, with my cousins Gabriela and Daniela. Dani is a great fan of the books and has read them all, Gabi only read up until the third one, but both enjoyed the movie very much. And I have to say that I love the movie more and more with each viewing, despite all the subplots and characters that were cut - I had forgotten about Ludo! XD - but I hate more and more Emma Watson...

Here is why... )

Now, the meme:

Meme! )
Man, I'm tired...I had three ER shifts the last 4 days - a friend asked me to make hers - but I'm happy! Or at least I was, until my throat started to hurt this morning...ugh!

Anyway, on monday I finally watched What a girl wants. Not brilliant, not one of Colin Firth greatest roles, but funny and entertaining - the girl dancing all the time, especially when buying clothes, was annoying, though! I was sad because we couldn't watch Pride and Prejudice in my sister's computer, due to some codec problem... But we had a great time! :D

Nanda, Jess,everyone, you can snag the pics now! ;)

Pics! :) )

On an unrelated matter...[ profile] elfnut! [ profile] skywalkersdream! I thought of you when seeing this: *sigh* Beanie...;) )

Also, a quiz! I tied with [ profile] rjann! ;)

Weird? )

At last but not least, I love this Evil!Obi-Wan icon I'm using! XD
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( Nov. 6th, 2005 03:24 pm)
First of all, welcome to LJ-land, [ profile] nandaweasley!! Hope you enjoy the layout welcoming gift! :D ;)

Ahh...after months working every weekend, I finally managed one weekend off - no work on sunday or saturday, at any time! :)

Granted, I had it planned so I could go to São Paulo for Jedicon SP, but my boyfriend couldn't go, so we didn't. :( But we had fun yesterday nevertheless. :)

I had lunch at home with my mom, sister, oldest aunt and cousins - we had one of my favorite dishes, with codfish. I love family lunches/get togethers, they are always fun in my family! We eat, we talk, we laugh...and this time we had even a better time because my cousin and his wife tried out the costumes I have because they have a costume party in a couple of weeks and they wanted a couple borrowed! :) ;)

Then, my boyfriend and I went to the movies with [ profile] nandaweasley and Ricardo, and there we met Aline and Celso by coincidence. We watched The Legend of Zorro, and it was quite funny! The storyline - what storyline? - was kinda dumb, but the movie was very funny, and Juaquin - Elena and Alejandro's son - stole the scene! :D Tornado was great as well!

After the movie, we had pizza - of course! ;)

Pics! )

All in all, a great saturday...and sunday promises to be a great day as well! ;) Talk to you later!


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