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( Jun. 5th, 2007 09:32 pm)
I wrote this sunday night monday morning at 3AM but LJ has NOT let me post it since then! *fumes*,

Guys, I'm back! Actually, I've been back for a few days, but had no time to post whatsoever trying to catch up with my friends and family, and also making for the lost time with my boyfriend! ;P

Anyway, Celebration IV was every bit what I was expecting and more! The panels, the signings, the lines, the shops, the thrill! It was AWESOME! I even had a piece of cake to celebrate the Star Wars 30 years! :D With 3PO on top of it!

New York quite surprised me, though. I didn't know what to expect and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Times Square was my favorite place in NY - and, obviously, I took an "YATTA!" picture there! ;) XD

I have tons of stuff to tell you guys, a very big and LONG retelling of my adventures at NY and at CIV, but it's quite late now - that's what happens when one tries to catch up with her flist after almost 3 weeks! I went through the last 700 entries up until May 21st - and I couldn't go any further because, apparently, back-reading my LJ flist stops at 700 entries!

Anyway, back to CIV...I have many many MANY pics to sort through - almost 900, but most of them are out of focus - no matter how close I was to the stage, it was never close enough. I just want to show you guys one picture of it - actually, two three four and one CIV related pic! - a pic from NY, and a few from the Warner Bros Studio Deluxe Tour I took! :D

NY picture - Times Square )

CIV pictures - and a CIV related picture )

WB studio tour pictures )

And now, the only down point in my whole vacation - and on the second to last day, before going to WB, I sprained my ankle! It hurted like hell and it's still swollen!

I know what happens in Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice - SPOILERS FOR THAT BOOK UNDER THE CUT! )
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( Dec. 7th, 2005 10:35 pm)
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really 6 years old inside...sometimes I'm absolute sure of it! :D

Why? Well......I bought a Mara Jade "doll"! XD


And since everybody is doing it...*sheep!*

Dear Santa... )


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