First and foremost, thanks go to Tissa for making me a new LJ header - as much as I love Heroes the black was starting to annoy me, and I wanted a brighter layout.

And so, my wish for a new layout combined with my refuelled excitement with Farscape due mainly to so many people close to me who are FINALLY watching it - namely my boyfriend [ profile] rjann and a few friends like [ profile] weirdgirlie! - I have a brand new FARSCAPE layout! :D

OH, and I think some hard evidence that [ profile] rjann is really liking Farscape is the fact that he found out that Scorpius was no other than ADMIRAL TARKIN in Episode III! Possibly one of the very few highlights in those three poorly written movies. Next thing we know, we will find out that Delvians are related to Chiss! Well, at least Zahn is, in a way...XD *silly*

On the "catching up" ground re: SG-1. [ profile] wikkibird I'm still on season 2 of SG-1 because I had never watched it, nor the movie, until the end of last year, when I finally saw the movie and became completely NUTS about it.

Anyway, I watched up to episode 2.14 - my 2.15 file is corrupted! :( - and I have to say that I'm beginning to get really excited about it! Past doings are beginning to have consequences in the present - and more will have consequences in the future, I guess!

I finally watched both Tok'ra episodes, and I still like them! It was pretty obvious what would happen with Sam's father, but nevertheless it was a nice predicted twist.

But I do agree with Jack when it comes to Maybourne - I hate that guy's guts!

At last but not least, HEROES IS BACK! And I loved it! spoilers under the cut )

As for Prison Break...yeah, I watched both episodes but no, I don't think I will be following this series anymore...too far-fetched, and I miss Sarah!
Just to let you all know I've changed my layout accordingly to my latest obsession: HEROES! XD

CSS layout from [ profile] samjack_girl
Current mood theme from [ profile] sharkbait_ha
Header image from the NBC website, but slightly altered by me! ;)

Come take a look!

[ profile] therealmarajade, [ profile] therealmarajade, [ profile] therealmarajade
[ profile] therealmarajade, [ profile] therealmarajade, [ profile] therealmarajade
I have a new layout, thanks to [ profile] khallandra! It's SO beautiful, I'm in love with it! :D Go check it out!

After last weekend's Veronica Mars mini-marathon, I continued - or rather, went backwards XD because I saw episodes 1 thru 10 - with a new mini-marathon, this time with [ profile] dtissagirl and [ profile] jujubinha - who I just added to my f-list, btw! ;) *waves*

It's a great series, totally addictive! Even though Veronica annoys me - yes, she does. I thought so last weekend, but didn't want to voice my feelings before watching more, and now I'm certain of it. She annoys me sometimes. Especially in the flashblacks, when she looks like a Barbie Doll! ;) But even so, I like the show! And I TOTALLY love her dad! "Who is your daddy?" LOL!! And Weevil! He is a GREAT character and a great personality/character analyzer - or whatever it's called. I like him. :) He is sort of a bad boy, except he totally isn't! :D

So, now, I'm only 5 episodes away from the end of Season 1 - I skipped a few unimportant ones, but I do intend on watching them afterwards - and since I already have the last five here, thanks to [ profile] to you guys later! ;)

OH, but before I go...A meme! Five of my Weird Habits! )


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