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( Sep. 6th, 2009 10:57 pm)
Tentative list of shows I'm going to follow this season with their premiere dates:

Wednesday, September 9:
Glee, 9 p.m. (Fox) - well, DUH! XD

Monday, September 21:
The Big Bang Theory, 9:30 p.m. (CBS)
Castle, 10 p.m. (ABC)
How I Met Your Mother, 8 p.m. (CBS)

Wednesday, September 23:
Cougar Town, 9:30 p.m. (ABC) - may try to watch it, since it's with Courtney Cox Arquette

Thursday, September 24:
Flash Forward, 8 p.m. (ABC) - the premise sounded kinda interesting. Might give it a try.

Friday, October 2:
Stargate Universe, 9 p.m. (Syfy) - it's Stargate, so, might give it a try. Which reminds me - I never finished SGA. Hum.

As for "Heroes" - stopped midway through last season, don't plan on watching it now. And "Smallville" just might get back in my viewing list after a few season off it because of the CLOIS!

Now I have to go befure my boyfriend kicks me outta his computer! ;) Love you, Rafa!

Big Bang Season Finale: Read more... )

Castle Season Finale: Read more... )

And I'm SO HAPPY for Nathan Fillion! FINALLY one of his shows got a second season!

HIMYM Season Finale: Read more... )

And at last, a new show's pilot, and not a season finale. Yes, I watched Glee. Read more... )

I need a GLEE icon, like, RIGHT NOW!
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( Apr. 15th, 2009 09:33 pm)
The tv season is coming to an end! In some ways I'm happy because I want closure on some series storylines, but I'm also sad because there are lots of series that won't be back next season. For example, Battlestar Galactica.

Yep, still not over that we won't have Adama and his crew next year. *sigh*

Not to mention that there are a few series that might not come back - please, let it be just might, not certainly won't! - like Chuck and Sarah Connor. I'd be sad to see both go, especially Sarah Connor, and especially after the last episode!


Also, not related to the show itself but rather to an actor: Brian Austin Green wants to be Green Lantern and I couldn't think of anyone BETTER than him! :D Also, also, he is a sci-fi fan! More especifically "an old school “Star Wars” fan, [who] was a bit disappointed by the way the new ones came together." *GRINS*

Other series I've been following...

Chuck )


Castle )

Big Bang Theory )

Going on a complete tangent here, I had a very nice Holy Week. Lots of food, fondue, shopping, family, friends, and swimming pool. I think I deserved these days off after the not so great March I had, and also because now I have FIVE jobs! Yep, that's right! I got an invitation to be THE infectious disease doctor at a very conservative, well-known and good hospital here in Rio! I'm so happy about it! :)

And at last but not least...I also got myself a Dreamwidth account, in case fandom decides to abandon LJ after their next bad move! :P Feel free to add me!

I messed up while backing up LJ to DW, so, all my entries have the same icons, but it's all there, entries and comments, and I hope that the icons will be soon fixable. I still need to figoure out how to do cross-posting (I found semagic confusing) and change my layout, though. When I have the time, obviously, which would be...not in a near future! *snort*

I do want to make a Castle layout for me, though - like you guys DIDN'T see this coming! :P

OH, which reminds me...[profile] rjann, look who has a twitter now! I never really wanted to open a twitter account, but I'm starting to reconsider it....:P
SO, lots of things happened this past few months! And since tonight we have a few series coming BACK from their hiatus, I thought I just HAD to update this thing!

Heroes )

Big Bang Theory )

Chuck )

How I met your mother )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles )


Oh, and I know you already know I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina. But I never really had the will or time to write about it until now. trip to Buenos! )

Anyway, it was a very good time with my friends. Now, let's see how many months it will take me to show you pictures! ;)

What else...on the work front! )

Well...that's all folks! See ya later!
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( Oct. 21st, 2008 12:53 am)
OH, Barney...spoilers )
I know I should be studying - and I'll be in just about 20 minutes - but I just had to say something on the last HIMYM episode:


Well, since I'm here, two quick words about Heroes and Big Bang:

This week's Heroes wasn't as good as last week's. Is this show really doomed to never reach its own first season's greatness?

As for Big Bang, it was funny, and every week I grow more and more concerned on how I'm alike Sheldon! ;)
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( Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:13 am)
I don't know if I should be more disturbed by:

1) the fact that I'm as naïve and gullible and daydreamer as HIMYM's Marshall;
2) the realization that I'm as obnoxious as BBT's Sheldon;
3) the fact that I considered both options;
4) or that I'm actually a COMBO of both! ¬¬"

Yes, saw this week's HIMYM, BBT and Heroes. The first was funny, but I prefered last week's. The second was WAY better than last's weeks - which kinda sucked. And the last one is starting to feel like first season - though Claire and her mothers kinda felt weird.
Dear Paolini,

Zombies? REALLY?? If they next time they appear, they do so yelling "BRAAAAAINS!" I'm putting the book down. Mind you, I'm only halfway through Brisingr and so far I'm only interested in Roran's storyline. Super powerful and all doing Eragon is annoying. And now, ZOMBIES??

Not amused,



Dear Heroes writers

A few bulletpoints for you:

- Mohinder and Maya STILL $UCK! Especially stud Mohinder. Yikes!
- Nikki's evil twin >>> Nikki, even more so if that means NO MICAH WHATSOEVER THIS SEASON!
- Petrelli family still ROCKS!
- Love Mama Petrelli's superpower
- Love Peter and Claire
- Still love Hiro and Parkman
- Mr. Bennett is still TEH MAN! My favorite character EVER in this series




Dear Barney,

Please, allow yourself to become Robin's boyfriend. It would be DE-wait for it-lightful!


Debora *who LOVED the last HIMYM episode*
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 05:16 pm)
...has been very nice! Perhaps not as good as August, but nice nonetheless!

First weekend, we had JEDICON - our SW convention - and although in previous years it had seen better editions, on this one I got to see [ profile] hgranado, who came from London to visit, and [ profile] priwskywalker who also came, but from São Paulo. I think what annoyed me the most was that another person that wasn't me made the SW EU lecture, but...oh, well. :P They had an amazing customs exhibiton, though, including a life-sized speeder bike! :D

On that sunday I had lunch at my sister's apartment, with our mom and my boyfriend. [ profile] rjann sure enjoyed the PS3 "Force Unleashed" preview Igor - my sister's boyfriend - had! But not as much as the real game - more on that later! ;)

Last friday I saw "Mamma Mia!" It's sort of a silly movie, with a few dialogue sentences only meant to connect a whole bunch of Abba songs, but the music was contagious, we kept clapping and singing, and moving our feet to the rhythm of the music! One thing bugged me though. little spoiler ) I left the movie theater singing though.

This past weekend, we celebrated [ profile] nandaweasley's birthday! We went to Outback - LOVE this restaurant! - and we ate, and we talked A LOT! Lots to catch up on! Sunday I had to work, but it was, thankfully, a quiet shift.

So. About "Force Unleashed". NO, I haven't played it - yet. But [ profile] rjann has. Last night, while I was WORKING, he spent about 5 hours playing it - he told me the last, what, two or three hours, were spent trying to reach just one more level...than just one more level...and one more...LOL. XD At least now I can play with Mara! Yep, he unlocked her character! And, until he finishes the game - which should happen by the end of the week - I'll stand by my belief that, in the end, Mara Jade kills Starkiller. It's so obvious! Vader tries to betray Palpatine, whom in turn sends his apprentice, Mara, to kill Vader's. :) :P But, yeah, if you are wondering, it sure sounds like a GREAT game!

OH, before I go, one link, two countdowns, and one question!

Star Wars (and others) dolls!

TWO DAYS to the Brazillian IRON MAN DVD release! YAY!

Also TWO DAYS for Brisingir! Yes, the third installment on Paolini's saga - or should I say the SW/LOTR/HP mixed homage? XD

FIVE DAYS to a new HIMYM episode! AWESOME! And I have the gut feeling it's going to be LEGEN - wait for it - DARY! XD

At last, the question...I have a Tungsten E, but it's old, and I never really got very used to it - always forgot to charge it - and I was thinking about buying a smartphone. Thing is, I have a few programs - NOT DATA, or PIM - in there that I'd like to still use in my new smartphone. That plus everyone I know who owns a PDA has a Palm OS based one, and most of the medical programs I know are in that system - although a few come in Blackberry and WM OS. there any way to make a Palm OS PROGRAM work in another operating system?

Gotta go now... Let's see what I'll do this next few weekends ahead... ;)
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( Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:46 am)
Kids, if you want to avoid being hit, you should look for a hiding spot quite far from me, because...*drumroll*


Yes, another one. And I daresay this one has made me even more giddy, fanninsh, happy and CRAZY about it than some of other fandoms I already have!

What I'm talking about? "How I met your mother?" of course! It's actually Neil Patrick Harris' fault, really - and I guess [ profile] dtissagirl's as well for watching the first half of season 1 with me and lending me all three seasons. Once I had seen the awesomeness that was Dr. Horrible - yes, even with Joss Whedon's knack for killing off characters I like *coflikeWashcof* - I just HAD to check other works from NPH (I know what that stands for now, HAH! *inside joke*) and since my flist has shown some love for HIMYM in the past, I decided to give it a go.

And boy, was I happy or what?!? It's like Friends, only it's not, because they are more sarcastic, and there is more sex stuff, and instead of Central Perk they have MacLarens. Not trying to say that one is better than the other - they are similar but different in their own unique way, but HIMYM filled the void Friends left when it was cancelled - or rather, the void it left after season 7. *still not over that whole messy Rachel and Joey business*

But, really, Ted's quest for his True Love, The One girl that ended up being the mother of his children and his tendency to correct people, Lily's loud chewing and shopping problem, Marshall's singing all the time and being the naïve kid in the group, not to mention the AWESOME slapsgiving, Robin's, well, literally sparkles XD, and Barney. OH, Barney, and his high pitched voice, his misterious job, the bro code, his famous catchphrases - awesome, high five, suit up, what up - EVERYTHING about him makes me laught out loud like I haven't in a very long time because of a TV show.

I watched it all inside of a week - started last week's wednesday afternoon and finished this wednesday morning - actually, at about 4 AM in the morning. And all I wanted to do afterwards was either watch the first episode of the next season - why is september 22nd so far away?? - or start rewatching it all over again from the beginning. I actually rewatched the first two episodes last night with [ profile] rjann, and he already was laughing out loud - imagine when he gets to the REALLY GREAT episodes, like "Zip, Zip, Zip", "Slap Bet", or "Slapsgiving".

Sure, there was a certain legen- wait for it -dary thing in the works in the last few episodes that are largely responsible for that - and I had forseen it since season 1! I'm SO glad I didn't spoil myself prior to watching the episodes! Spoilers under the cut )

OH well, have to go to sleep now...I'm back to work, and tomorrow I have a 24h shift! Just HAD to post about HIMYM - have been meaning to do it so since wednesday, but some unpleasant things got in the way - hopefully it's all going to be better now.

I have this yearning to post about half a dozen times more, though, to show off my new icons! 9 HIMYM - with only two not being shippy, two Dr. Horrible, and one Middleman - btw, that reminds me, LOVED all that BTTF references in one of their episodes!


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