After more than a year since I read HBP, I read it again. Mind you, I didn't read it before due to RL problems totally unrelated to the book or its quality. This week, though, I managed to finally re-read it!

LONG rambling about book 6, and some comparison with book 5 )

Anyway, I *actually* wanted to make a post about what I *think* we will find in book 7, but I got carried away. Obviously. And quite expectedly! :P XD

NOW, what I really wanted to post about, Book 7 )

And man, that was LONG. Essay long, LOL! I doubt anyone will read this, let alone comment!

Anyway, moving to lighter matters! :D

I saw the Spiderman trailer - OMFG! I in love with Sam Raimi right now, because he DIDN'T ruin the movie when he decided NOT TO SHOW VENOM! :D Link here!

And because I can't get enough of Heroes, and monday is WAY TOO FAR, two preview of next week's episode: first one here, and second one there thanks to [ profile] ninth_wonders! Obviously, SPOILERS AHOY! Can't wait to find out HRG man real intentions! XD

OH, and at last but not least...DIE LANA, DIE! XD

Debora *convinced that the Smallville writers/producers are on Lana CRACK!*
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( Jul. 18th, 2005 08:05 pm)
You know, after finishing Book 6, I've been wondering a bit about the Weasleys' future, and here is my opinion: Spoilers, of course! )

Now as for Remus...More spoilers! )

At last, but not least! R.A.B. )


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