Yes, I'm still here. But work has eaten me alive! Not that I'm complaining - the more I work, the more money I make and the closer I am to buying my own apartment (if I stop spending the money, that is, with trips and a notebook, and whatelse) - but I'm tired, and I haven't updated in weeks!

Anyway, TWO THREE big HP fandom things!

FIRST! THE 5th MOVIE! I saw it on the premiere with a few close friends and LOVED IT! Undoubtely the BEST ADAPTED MOVIE so far, even though it still has some details missing. You can read my full account and thoughts about it here (in portuguese), but let me just resume my thoughts in 3 bullet points:

1) I LOVE THE SHIPPER SCENES IN THIS ONE! Including the R/S scene - yes, there was one, at least to me! But the best ones were the R/H ones. :) :D

2) I LOVE THE SEXTET! Luna and Neville are SOOO great! As characters, as DA members, as Harry's friends...loved it!

3) LOVED the battle at Ministry at the end. And yes, I preferred the way that character died in the movie better than the book - at least it's not a STUPID VEIL!


FOUR DAYS TO THE FINAL HARRY POTTER BOOK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs around the house screaming and avoinding spoilers LIKE HELL!*

A few thoughts about what I think might happen in book 7 here (again in portuguese). I just hope I'm wrong about most of them, because I want to be SURPRISED! :D

THIRD! I was invited as a special guest for the last NERDCAST! Isn't that awesome??? :D
If you want to hear me rambling in portuguese, you can go here. It's the 70th nerdcast, and, yes, it's in portuguese.

On a non-HP related subject, IS THIS TRUE??? Could Farscape BE BACK?? *praying*
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( Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:31 pm)
This week's BSG episode was...interesting. BSG 3.09 Spoilers under cut )

Last night ABC showed some behind the scenes videos from OOTP, and [ profile] ohnotheydidnt has a post with all of the videos here and OMG! OMGOMGOMG! General squeeing under cut )
After more than a year since I read HBP, I read it again. Mind you, I didn't read it before due to RL problems totally unrelated to the book or its quality. This week, though, I managed to finally re-read it!

LONG rambling about book 6, and some comparison with book 5 )

Anyway, I *actually* wanted to make a post about what I *think* we will find in book 7, but I got carried away. Obviously. And quite expectedly! :P XD

NOW, what I really wanted to post about, Book 7 )

And man, that was LONG. Essay long, LOL! I doubt anyone will read this, let alone comment!

Anyway, moving to lighter matters! :D

I saw the Spiderman trailer - OMFG! I in love with Sam Raimi right now, because he DIDN'T ruin the movie when he decided NOT TO SHOW VENOM! :D Link here!

And because I can't get enough of Heroes, and monday is WAY TOO FAR, two preview of next week's episode: first one here, and second one there thanks to [ profile] ninth_wonders! Obviously, SPOILERS AHOY! Can't wait to find out HRG man real intentions! XD

OH, and at last but not least...DIE LANA, DIE! XD

Debora *convinced that the Smallville writers/producers are on Lana CRACK!*
OMG, I haven't felt this excited about anything HP related in a LONG time!

But we have the first official Umbridge's picture! A trio picture with Hermione holding Harry's hand! Another Umbridge picture, this time with Trewlaney and McGonagall! Gotta LOVE those McGonagall and Umbridge scenes! Best ones in the book!

AND A DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY PICTURE! With Luna! In her Hogwarts robes!

If you guys have NO idea what I'm talking about, just head over here!

That DA picture was so full of shipperness that I just HAD to icon it - I actually stayed awake to do so! So, here you go! One of Luna, and a few shipper ones!

If you take, comment and credit! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, at least credit, ok? ;)

*snorts* Like someone would get interested in those silly and poorly made icons...oh, well, I had fun with these, and got the itching scratched! ;)

Remind me next time - when I'm not scr*wed to get up early in the morning more awake - to talk about VM 3.01 and Prison Break 1.02 up to 1.12, ok? Yes, I did watch VM's 3rd season premiere already, and yes, I did watch PB this weekend! Up until 1.12, at least! ;)


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