So, last week was carnival here in Rio. Since I never liked the heat, and nowadays I don't care much for the usual carnival activities in my town, I traveled to Teresópolis, a nearby city with a much cooler climate - and where we could enjoy a pool and my mother's cooking! I could only enjoy three days of the entire holiday, because I had work the other two days, but it was worth nevertheless!

Terê pictures! )

To everyone else on my f-list who lives in Rio - I'm setting up a schedule for the entire year to accommodate every one of my friends from my different acquaintances/groups! :D

This weekend, since yesterday was my birthday, was quite full of activities - which also involved eating!

Pizza Hut and the IBEU family )

Birthday lunch with my family )

Dinner with my co-workers )

Lunch with my NERD friends...with a surprise visitor! )

This weekend was certainly a BLAST! Today was quite special, because I haven't hang out with the NERD GANG for quite a while, and I missed all our crazy-nerd-fandom talk! "Que saudade disso tudo gente!!!" XD

But I still need to meet a few friends - some were out of town this entire week!
Yeah, I know, I haven't posted in AGES! But for a very good reason - I've been busy, and not just WORK busy! ;)

I had stuff to to every weekend! And not WORK stuff, but FUN stuff, with my friends! And [ profile] rjann of course - some made him happy, some not, but I loved every minute!

OH, not to mention that during the first two weeks I watched the Olympics whenever I could - yes, even during the night! I watched the opening ceremony, saw most of men's volleyball - and I knew that they wouldn't, unfortunatelly, win the Gold Medal, but I was happy with the Silver one. I saw César Cielo and Maurren Maggi win their Golden Medals - they were so happy! And they deserved those! That french guy SO had an eye on Cielo! He opened his suit after he won the Gold Medal without being asked to! XD And I saw the women's volleyball team win a much worthy Golden Medal.

First weekend I worked on saturday and spent sunday with my boyfriend, [ profile] rjann. We watched the third mummy movie the friday before the weekend, and on tuesday the 12th, I attended the Clone Wars premiere, like I mentioned on my last entry.

Second weekend I worked on sunday, but on saturday we had a "chá bar" - it's like a bridal shower, only it's for the couple and not just the bride. It was a party for Rafael's friend, Fábio and his fiancée Lívia. And it was a fantasy party, so, Rafael and I took our "Incredibles" costumes off the closet, we went there, and we WON a surprise fantasy costume! It's funny how that is one of our favorite costumes - AND it was cheap! But really, when we got there, we took quite some time to enter the party, because when we got to the door everybody wanted to take a picture! ;)

Third weekend, no work. I had set up with people from my residence and university - Rafael (a friend, not my boyfriend! ;)), Halime, Carlos and his girlfriend, and Marianne (who didn't go) - to go to the movies on saturday in the evening. They wanted to watch "Zohan" after a quick dinner, but I ended up skipping that - for a very good reason - and in the end me, my boyfriend, and Luciana and her boyfriend (who met us there by chance) ended up watching "Wanted" - it's an entertaining *BOYS* movie.

The reason I skipped dinner? Two friends of mine from my first medical residence - Luzia and Marco - had been trying to meet me for a while, and when they learned we were going to a shopping mall near where they live on that day, we decided to meet there before I met the other gang, and Luzia asked me to be her BRIDESMAID! I'm so happy! I love them both, and they are perfect together, and I'm so happy to be their bridesmaid!

Next day, Rafael and I had a pork barbecue with Gustavo and his family for lunch, and in the evening I left for a proper bridal shower! Another friend - Dominique - who finished my current medical residence last year. It was very funny!

Fourth weekend, I worked on sunday, but spent the whole saturday with my boyfriends, watching "How I Met Your Mother" - truestory! ;)

And then, my last weekend was the best. Had lunch at B52's with [ profile] dtissagirl, [ profile] tatileite, [ profile] andreh and [ profile] weirdgirlie - she has just come back from a trip to the USA. Too bad I had to cut it short, because in the evening I had Dominique and Luis Eduardo's marriage to attend!

It was a BLAST! Rafael - my boyfriend - wasn't so happy to attend the ceremony, because he hates weddings, but he obliged like the good boyfriend he is! ;) And he was SO HANDSOME in his suit! Love you, hun! The ceremony was simple but beautiful, and the party was AWESOME! I was driving, so I didn't drink - well, I sipped other's bevereages, but didn't drink one completely by myself - but the rest of the gang drank, and A LOT! Marianne, Rafael (again, friend, not my boyfriend), Flávio and Carol were HILARIOUS! Marianne and Flávio were SO DRUNK! It was funny to make fun of them - and they were talking complete nonsense during the last half of the party. We danced until the very end of the party, we talked, we laughed, it was TOTALLY AWESOME! And we saw old friends who had finished their residence last year - Tatiana, Juliana, and Fabricio, who is living in São Paulo now with his fianceé. I will try and post pictures in the next few days - once Carol has sent me hers! ;)

OH, and yesterday I watched "Tropic Thunder" which was a better comedy than the average american comedy has been this past few years - plus, it had RDJ in it, and Tom Cruise in a role that wasn't as annoying as his last ones have been! We sure had an stellar cast on that movie!

*sigh* I'm tired just to remember all the fun I had this past month! :D
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 09:19 pm)

BSG 3.01/3.02 - spoilers under the cut! )

Now that that's off my chest, I had a great time on friday night eating Pizza Hut and hanging out with [ profile] rjann, [ profile] weirdgirlie, [ profile] louisemcgregor and [ profile] kthrace! Btw, [ profile] weirdgirlie, have you seen PB 2.07 yet?? ;)
Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

Six Random Facts about myself under the cut! )

I tag: [ profile] edeainfj, [ profile] llembas, [ profile] dabih, [ profile] rjann, [ profile] mariana_aroeira, and [ profile] alphielj

ETA: I managed to get [ profile] mariana_aroeira CRAZY about Lee Adama BSG! YAY! :D We spent saturday night watching season 2.5, and sunday watching FRIENDS, with [ profile] rjann. He had never watched FRIENDS before, so, whenever there is a joke - no matter if it's a really good one or a silly one, all of them I have committed to memory anyway and are not as funny to me as a new joke is - he genuinely laughs, usually very hard, and with so much "gusto" that I can't help but laugh along with him! :D I love you, Rafa! ;) :*
So, after watching Superman Returns five times with various friends from different fandoms and places - though I still think the session with all that Superman geeks from orkut cheering with me was the most fun, even though I only knew [ profile] louisemcgregor from that bunch - it was time to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!

I watched it on Sunday, with [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] ricardosolo, [ profile] nandaweasley, [ profile] priwskywalker and her parents, Manoela Wood, Aline Carneiro and her boyfriend Celso. [ profile] tecapessoa was supposed to watch it with us if we had gone to an earlier session - she couldn't go to the session we went to - but I did not know that! Oh, well, Teca, we did watch SR together last weekend, and we had hung out at saturday's night "Festa Julina"! ;)

We had a blast on saturday, btw! I like all typical foods from "Festa Julina", and we even had an arranged - as in not reharsed - typical dance called "quadrilha"! Too bad [ profile] rjann didn't dance with me... :(

Anyway, I very much like the first POTC movie, but this one, althought overall not better than the first one, has it's moments. It's funny, it has lots of little things that tie it with the first move, Jack Sparrow is, well, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth have matured, we have scruffy!Comodore, and the surprise at the end, well, it's worth the ticket. Best moment of the movie, actually! Both the ending and the soundtrack of this movie far surpass the first movie - but when looking at the big picture, the first one is still better.

I do hope POTC:DMC wins the Oscar for Best Score though! I don't think Superman Returns can run in that category because the main theme is not original, since it was used in the first Superman movie.

It was incredibly fun to spend the afternoon with my friends, especially [ profile] nancy_downs, who had spent her last two years at SP and we hadn't had the time to catch up properly before this weekend, and Aline, whose heart and character are greater than mine.

And tomorrow I'm going to the movies for the sixth time to watch Superman Returns again, with [ profile] mariana_aroeira and, maybe, [ profile] patigwblack, who is still debating if she wants to watch it again with me and her "nova-melhor-amiga-mais-amiga-que-eu", Mari! XD
First, not because it's the most important thing that happened this weekend, but because everyone expects brazilians to express our feelings on the World [ profile] priwskywalker said, I knew that it was just a matter of Brazil facing a real team, and we would lose. Because, frankly, Brasil wasn't playing what it should have been playing. Parreira should have dumped all the old stars of the team and went with the young reserves, but...*sigh*

Second, another great weekend spent with friends!

Friday and Cars )

On saturday, I watched Brasil lose - and it was well deserved. But we had barbecue, friends, jokes, and fun all around!

Sunday )

Ok, now, I gotta go, it's getting late and I have to work tomorrow morning.

At last but not least...Superman Returns is not showing in our movie theaters - it only premieres on July the 14th here, and I'm LOSING MY MIND over it. And I shouldn't. I know it. X|
Gosh, I'm tired...and I've been a bit irritated at work lately - with all the things that people end up putting on our backs that shouldn't be our responsibility - and I can't wait to enter my second year of residence in february, but I'm also happy! :)

Why? Well, I had another great weekend with friends! :) On saturday I worked until 6PM - but it's a work different from that of medical residence, it's an ambulatory I make at a district just an hour outside my city, and it makes me feel better than the work I do the entire week because it's something I like, and the patients are so different from the ones I'm used to at the hospital! It's not perfect, I had one or two small troublesome things, but it's...different. It's something I like. And it relates directly to my decision regarding what specialty I'm doing. Yeah, I finally decided. But more on that later! ;)

After work, I went to [ profile] priwskywalker's house to have an all around great time - after a slightly detour because I got lost. We both, [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih and [ profile] ricardosolo played Detective, Uno, ate Hot Dogs, and were surprised by [ profile] radicool arriving there out of nowhere and quite late - I could swear she works at a branch of SD-6, but if I did, my life would be in danger! ;) After Rafaela arrived, we ended up watching X-Files: the episodes I remember the names are "Pusher", "Paper hearts" and batatinhas "Small potatoes", and I have to confess that watching that woman talking about Luke Skywalker made me want to laugh out loud at the same time that it made my cheeks burn and made me want to hide! XD

On Sunday morning we finally slept - I love to stay awake mostly all night watching TV shows and/or movies! - and when we woke up, Priw's father made us a delicious barbecue. Before sunset, though, we had to come back home - but only after watching Luke and Lorelai talking about Star Wars! LOL! XD If it weren't for Rory, I think I would be more excited to watch GG, but in the very few episodes I watched since the beginning of the series, I wanted to smack her, and I hear she has been even worst lately.

I just wish [ profile] nandaweasley, [ profile] patigwblack and [ profile] beta_jackman were there too!

Now, onto my decision regarding my work life. I have been siriusly considering especializing in infections disease, and my work on saturdays deals exactly with that, and even at my residence I'm more excited about patients related to that than other diseases, and I finally decided that that is what I want to do. So, because of that, today I started another medical residence course like the one I did the year before last, only this one trains us better in terms of learning how to actually MAKE the exams, because it has more exercise and stuff, which the other hadn't. Doing this course means that every monday, from now to the end of the year, I will be arriving at home at 10PM... I just hope I behave better this year and actually STUDY.

*sigh* But I get kind of tired just to imagine that I have to study surgery, ginecology & obstetrics and pediatrics all over again, which everybody else doesn't not to mention that they only start studying next month and will have less classes than I will.

But, hey, like I said, I'm irritated and have been complaing way too much lately - and when I'm not complaining, I'm telling people how boring and annoying I am and REALLY annoying them.

I need a vacation.
Siriusly, this music stucks to your head and you CAN'T GET STOP SINGING IT! XD

Today I had a wonderful time! A bunch of friends came over my house to watch VM *cofthegirlscof* and play PS2 and GameCube *coftheboysandRadicoolcof*, and we had a wonderful time! We ate pizza, "rabanadas", talked, laughed, and most of all, enjoyed the time with true and close friends. :)

Although some prefered not to come...*cofpriwandpaticof* XP

We were talking about the year ending, and the year to come, and I do have to agree with [ profile] ricardosolo...we had a tough year, one of the worst I've seen, but we made it through, alive and more mature.

What I learned this year:

- that I don't judge people's character well - for the good or bad
- that I need to control my temperament
- that love conquers everything
- that my boyfriend is always right
- that REAL friends are rare, unique, and quite extraordinary and special :)

For next year, I hope:

- to choose wisely in my career
- to pass at the end of the year to a great hospital, to whatever especialization I choose
- to be healthier *cofdietcof*
- to buy my own apartment and move out from my mother's
- peace, love, and a better place to live
- that people stop being selfish and start doing more for our country, our lives, our World
- that Rowling announces when book 7 will be out
- that Mara Jade becomes CANON XD (ok, a girl CAN dream, right? ;))

Hum...I know I'm forgetting stuff, but I really need to go to bed right to you guys in 2006! So...


Phew! I had quite a busy weekend and monday! I'm soooo tired...But it was a great weekend! ;)

Me, my boyfriend [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih, [ profile] priwskywalker, [ profile] nandaweasley, [ profile] ricardosolo, [ profile] radicool, and [ profile] beta_jackman spent the most part of our weekend together, talking, laughing, playing PS2 - in the boys' case, as well as [ profile] radicool and Nanda's (a little bit) - as well as watching Friends and Veronica Mars.

Yep. I finally watched Veronica Mars! And not only one, but four episodes. :) After all you guys talking about it, I had to! XD [ profile] dabih and [ profile] priwskywalker wanted us to watch it, and I was curious after all the praise my f-list has been paying it, and so we did - though beginning at episode 11 bugged me a bit and Nanda A LOT! But one of the funnier parts of the evening was Nanda complaining that she didn't want to watch the show and then, by the third episode we watched, she was rooting for Logan/Veronica as well as singing and dancing a routine for the show's theme song! XD Of course, on the next episode I had to join the routine, and we all laughed very very hard - but not as hard as we did when watching Friends' bloopers reel! My cheeks were hurting at the end! ;)

Now, I need to watch the complete first season of Veronica Mars - yes, the show is additive, and so far I think it's nice, but give me a few more episodes and we'll see if I also turn into a VM freak! ;) Who would have thought? Especially because I have a not-so-good relationship with Veronicas - my sister's name is Veronica and we annoy the hell out of each other.

Oh, and I just have to say that I love Enrico Colantoni! Since Just shoot me and Galaxy Quest! He is just so sweet! :)

[ profile] dtissagirl, is your offer still up? I wasn't going to work this saturday, but now I have to, due to a stupid person who wanted to trade shifts and now that I did hers doesn't want to do mine...but we could try on Sunday - unless Priw sets up something to celebrate her birthday on sunday - I can't go if she does something on Saturday because I work then...*still pissed off at stupid and selfish work coleague*...but we can try and figure something out! ;)

Anyway, I was going to post all about this last night, but Henrique was going to present his graduation final project and [ profile] rjann and I went - but Murphy didn't cooperate with Henrique and he was unable to present his project - though we did get to see the trailer to Fate of the Force, the SW fanfilm he is working on and that he used in his final project! AND IT HAD MARA IN IT! ;) XD MARA JADE IS CANON! YAY!

Now, the frivolous part of this post...Memes! )
Man, I'm tired...I had three ER shifts the last 4 days - a friend asked me to make hers - but I'm happy! Or at least I was, until my throat started to hurt this morning...ugh!

Anyway, on monday I finally watched What a girl wants. Not brilliant, not one of Colin Firth greatest roles, but funny and entertaining - the girl dancing all the time, especially when buying clothes, was annoying, though! I was sad because we couldn't watch Pride and Prejudice in my sister's computer, due to some codec problem... But we had a great time! :D

Nanda, Jess,everyone, you can snag the pics now! ;)

Pics! :) )

On an unrelated matter...[ profile] elfnut! [ profile] skywalkersdream! I thought of you when seeing this: *sigh* Beanie...;) )

Also, a quiz! I tied with [ profile] rjann! ;)

Weird? )

At last but not least, I love this Evil!Obi-Wan icon I'm using! XD
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( Nov. 7th, 2005 12:24 am)
Another great day on my work-free weekend! We - as in we I mean myself, my boyfriend, [ profile] nandaweasley, Ricardo, [ profile] priwskywalker and [ profile] beta_jackman - went to [ profile] dabih's house to pass the time, and we watched the HP and GoF premiere on streaming video - I WANT THE MOVIE NOW! - we talked, ate, laughed, watched TV, talked, watched some more TV, and laughed a bit more! Great and relaxing day! :)

pictures )
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( Nov. 6th, 2005 03:24 pm)
First of all, welcome to LJ-land, [ profile] nandaweasley!! Hope you enjoy the layout welcoming gift! :D ;)

Ahh...after months working every weekend, I finally managed one weekend off - no work on sunday or saturday, at any time! :)

Granted, I had it planned so I could go to São Paulo for Jedicon SP, but my boyfriend couldn't go, so we didn't. :( But we had fun yesterday nevertheless. :)

I had lunch at home with my mom, sister, oldest aunt and cousins - we had one of my favorite dishes, with codfish. I love family lunches/get togethers, they are always fun in my family! We eat, we talk, we laugh...and this time we had even a better time because my cousin and his wife tried out the costumes I have because they have a costume party in a couple of weeks and they wanted a couple borrowed! :) ;)

Then, my boyfriend and I went to the movies with [ profile] nandaweasley and Ricardo, and there we met Aline and Celso by coincidence. We watched The Legend of Zorro, and it was quite funny! The storyline - what storyline? - was kinda dumb, but the movie was very funny, and Juaquin - Elena and Alejandro's son - stole the scene! :D Tornado was great as well!

After the movie, we had pizza - of course! ;)

Pics! )

All in all, a great saturday...and sunday promises to be a great day as well! ;) Talk to you later!
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( Oct. 26th, 2005 10:52 pm)
I haven't updated in a while, so, here it goes! A quick update!

1) I loved the soundtrack for GOF, especially DO THE HIPPOGRIFF! Does anyone know the lyrics??

2) My boss no longer is my boss, but responsible for the emergency department...and the boss of my new boss. X|

3) I'm tired after working saturday AND sunday nights at the ER, two weekends I won't have any ER shifts so I can go to JEDICON SP! :D

4) I felt a HUGE weight lift off my shoulders the other day.

5) I'm getting tired of working saturdays. I'm almost giving up my ambulatory on saturdays and I can't WAIT to get rid of my saturday night ER shifts, but I have no choice in that matter.

6) I love my boyfriend. Yes, I know this isn't an update, since it's old news, but I wanted to say it anyway. :)

7) Trying to watch all those episodes I missed from Smallville's 4th season made me remember why I stopped watching it: I HATE LANA! X|

8) I don't know why, but since "day one", or rather, episode one - no, not SW:TPM - I have the felling that Chloe is going to play an important part in the reason why Clark and Lex become enemies in the Smallville universe. I always thought Lex was going to kill her, or be responsible for her death...I don't know why! Well, maybe the fact that the TWO major chances in the Superman's lore was the introduction of Chloe's character and the fact that Lex and Clark were friends when younger, so, figures the two changes will be the ones to work the universe back in its axis.

9) Ok, I did not make much sense on the last paragraph. And it was not an update either. XD

10) I love my friends! *HUGS [ profile] dabih, [ profile] priwskywalker, [ profile] radicool, Nanda, Cado - Nanda is going to kill me! XD, and Henrique!* Not to mention my best friend Cássia, just because I love her!! OH! And someone who was never quite as close as them, but who surprised me very very VERY much, in a very good way, Aline! OH, and my "comadre", [ profile] patigwblack, who was a huge support for me during difficult times, even though she didn't know! *HUGS* :)


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