This week I watched only two movies from the Rio International Movie Festival. My opinions on the movies - with spoilers - are under the cuts!

A Prairie Home Companion )

Black Dahlia )

I also wanted to watch The Fountain, but couldn't get tickets for me and [ profile] rjann to watch it together, so, we'll have to wait until it premieres here in the big circuit, not to mention Hollywoodland - this one I missed for various reasons: the delay in releasing the tickets to sell, being showed TODAY, when we had our elections for president and governor, and because I overslept today because I had forgotten about it.

But I still have two movies to watch this week! Driving Lessons - RUPERT! YAY! - which [ profile] patigwblack bought tickets for us to go, and The Departed, IF I can buy tickets at*kicks website*

And since I talked about our elections...Rant about Brazillian politcs in Portuguese )

Ok, over to more happy subjects now...PRISON BREAK! Yeah, I got addicted to it too! And yes, I've finally catch up with it all, up until ep 2.06! Here is what I think about PB from episode 1.13 up to 2.06 )

I still need to watch Desperate Housewives 3.01, Smallville 6.01, and Studio 60 1.02...

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie Andrews! I love her! *starts whistling some Sound of the Music song*

AND at last but not least - OCTOBER 6 IS COMING AT LAST! XD
I almost forgot to leave reviews for the two movies I've already seen in the festival - it's not over yet, I still have about 5 more to watch - one of them tonight - but I want to review the ones I've already watched!

The Illusionist )

Little Miss Sunshine )

The Devil wears Prada - no, it's not in the festival, but it premiered here this weekend )

VM 3.01 )

PB Season 1 episodes 2 to 12 )

Now, gotta rush to another Rio Festival movie!!! :D
Happy birthday to two of the brightest witches in our century, [ profile] edeainfj and Hermione! :D

Now, for the cariocas who are going to Rio's movie festival, this is my tentative program for it - I NEED THE FULL PROGRAMMING! PRINTED! ON MY HANDS! Otherwise I can't choose properly - let me know what are yours!

This can change, the only session that's set in stone that I'M GOING is Driving Lessons on the 5th at 21h30! YES, I'M GOING TO WATCH Ron Rupert on the big screen getting it on with Hermione some girl...;)

Festival do Rio )

I also need to know the sessions for HOLLYWOODLAND! It seems this is not on the festival's website yet...


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