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( Jul. 17th, 2008 02:10 pm)
Thanks to [ profile] chickadilly look what I found out! I don't know if I should be amused, thrilled or actually SCARED by it! XD

However, since I have this UNGODLY muscle pain and headache since yesterday - it's gotta be a nasty flu, it can't just be my allergics acting up - this actually put a smile on my face. :P

But what really seems to be cheering me up - my loving and funny boyfriend not withstanding - are four things:

1) the fact that now I have SCI FI CHANNEL! YES, I can watch dubbed SG-1 now! XD Too bad they don't seem to have any Farscape reruns! :(

2) Dr. Horrible's saga. It's so funny and quirky and great! Really, I can sense the nerd inside joke citations list growing! "PhD of Horribleness" is going to be right there on the nerd citation list, togheter with "May the Force be with you"! And is it wrong of me to be cheering for the villain instead of the cheesy superhero?

3) Another thing, my boyfriend's brother is in town with his family and his kids, a three-year old girl and a one year-old boy are SO CUTE! They are eletric, and cute, and laugh at whatever silly thing you do, and the boy eats with his left hand while holding the spoon with his right hand, and the girl keeps saying "games, games" whenever she wants to play with her uncle's Wii - and since he was working, I played with her and she was so happy and SMART - she is only three and managed to play Wario Smooth Moves! AND she never had played any video game before! Her uncle - my boyfriend - says she has the "gift" of the family for playing games. :P Her brother warmed right up to me, much quicker than usual with him according to his mom. We spent part of the afternoon with them playing Wii - actually, the boy only watched, he is too young, and he prefered to chase the dog around the room! The dog was actually afraid of him! LOL! The girl gave me a hug and a kiss yesterday before I left, and I'm sad that I'm so sick I can't stay close to them for fear of giving them my germs.

4) Also, THE DARK KNIGHT tomorrow night! Sure, my sister and her lucky boyfriend managed to see it last MONDAY, but...I get to see it with a real nerd crowd! ;)
SG-1 almost-end-of-season 8 SPOILERS )

I had a FANTASTIC Christmas! Had supper on the 24th with my mother and sister, without any fights, and then on the 25th I had lunch with mom, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, two aunts, my uncle, and two cousins. We had all sorts of delicious food - my boyfriend actually asked my mother if she had made a buffet for someone who then had it cancelled, because she cooks divinely and there was so much food - and all sorts of family jokes and old stories. It was fun and everything that Christmas should be. :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas - and thanks to everyone who wished the same to me and my family!

I feel confident about New Year's Eve as well - actually, about the entire next year! ;)

ETA: Just watched the last couple of episodes from season 8!

Spoilers for Moebius! )

Now I'm divided between watching season 9, SGA season 2 or sleeping.

Hum....I guess I should go to bed. :P

OH, one last thing, I remembered what I was going to mention before - Rya'c is BORING, can he be gone already???
NO, they are not connected! XD It would be...something to have my sister watching BSG, let alone liking it!

No, the reason I'm making a post about her is because she just came back from Europe yesterday! After nearly nine months - most of them spent at Madrid, Spain - she came back home. She also traveled to Portugal, Italy, England, France, Germany and Netherlands.

She came back with thousands of pictures, three luggages full of clothes, and a toblerone and iPod Nano for me! :D

Oh, and she had a Spanish boyfriend for about three months! ;) :P

She still has the same, er, personality, though perhaps a bit more mature...let's see how long it takes for us to begin fighting again - I sincerely hope we don't, but we'll have to wait and see! ;)

Now, for the BSG part of this post! BSG - Collaborators )

Today I spent all afternoon with [ profile] rjann...:) *happy*

Elections tomorrow - blergh - and then monday! I have work but also HEROES! AND PB! :D Like [ profile] ricardosolo and [ profile] priwskywalker already said, I like monday now! ;)
Had a nice and quiet weekend - yesterday was spent at home watching Butterfly Effect, which I hadn't watched before, and The Pacifier, a somewhat dumb comedy but that has its funny moments. One of them was watching Lorelai Gilmore beating someone up and flirting with Vin Diesel! XD And no, I'm not a Gilmore Girls' fan, mostly because I can't stand Rory, but Lorelai is funny and I always liked her in the few GG episodes I managed to watch. And yes, [ profile] priwskywalker, I was forcefully reminded of you when seeing Lauren Graham! ;)

Today I went to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin, and we spent a quiet afternoon talking, laughing, eating and talking about food - yep, that's my family, we always end up in the kitchen talking and eating! ;) XD

I also watched some TV today; like most of my life last year, watching TV was postponed because of work. So, I'm finally catching up on the TV series I like: Smallville, Desperate Housewives and Lost - Veronica Mars is a new obsession and I watched the entire first season over a couple of days, with the second season following close afterwards as quick as my download speed allowed, therefore, VM doesn't count! ;)

Anyway, I started watching DH, but soon concentrated on Smallville, because the 100th episode is airing this week here in Brazil, and I'm trying to watch all the previous ones so I can watch that one on TV. Today I finally watched Aqua and I have to say that I LOVED IT! No, not because of Aquaman, or the actor playing him, or his romance with Lois, but because of one especific scene where he WAS Aquaman and Clark WAS Superman!

You know that scene when they are talking about Luthorcorp's Leviathan, and how Clark wants to talk to Lex and do everything the *right* way and Arthur simply wants to blow it up and prevent it from being launched into oceans and destroying all sorts of aquatic life forms? And Arthur calls Clark boy scout? THAT WAS SO VERY MUCH IN CHARACTER! I was forcefully reminded of when I read Super's HQ and he interacted with Aquaman! LOVED IT!

Anyway, gotta go now...still have about half a dozen episodes to catch up! Talk to you guys later! ;)
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( Aug. 8th, 2005 11:31 pm)
After a lousy week, being sick and all, I had an AMAZING weekend!

On Saturday we had our annual Jedicon, and I had a blast! The fanfilms were great, the speeches and debates were AWESOME, and I had my EXTREME fangirl moment when only myself and another guy in the entire audience knew what exactly the Outbound Flight Project was - since the books were never translated to portuguese, AND the american versions are only occasionaly imported by our bookstores, only few of us have access to the EU - the speaker even joked that he knew we both would knew about it (he knows me and my EU obsession) and that we were the "nerdiest" in the audience because we knew what it was! Then I gave some info about the Dark Nest books, and Aaron Allston writing again about Wedge and the Rogues, and he said that I was their "official Del Rey representative" because I'm always up to date with everything EU books related - or I was, when I had the time for it, now I only get little bits about it. I was actually proud of being the "nerdiest"! Not ashamed! LOL! XD

But the best part were the costumes myself and my boyfriend wore! I have been planning my costume for almost two years, and last year, when I failed to make the helmet and almost went to the Jedicon without it, my boyfriend said that if I waited another year, he would accompany me, and, well...

I present you Leia as Bouush, and Chewbacca! )

And on Sunday, it was even better, if possible! The whole family got together - all my grandparents' sons and daughters, and their children! Well, except two uncles and one cousin. My mother and one of my cousins organized panels with old photographs of my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and of ourselves as children...everybody brought great home made food (cakes and such) was so great, and fun! I got to catch up with my cousins, whom I rarely see nowadays! Family really is what really matters, you know?

My family! )

Today I didn't do much, except obsess over my missing camera - my boyfriend forgot it at Jedicon, but apparently one of our friends who organized the event has it with him - and at night we watched The Island, with two of my favorite hot and yummy actors: Sean Bean, Ewan McGregor and...Spoilers!! )

Oh, before I go, and because she said such nice things about me, I must plug Mollywobbles' LJ! I mean, Patricia's LJ! XD [ profile] patigwblack! She is our "official" Molly cosplayer, and much more friendly and reasonable than Ootp!Molly! Just don't accept any Snape video she sends your way, or you will be scarred for life! J/k, Pati! THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP WITH THE CAMERA! And all the chat last week, when I was down and sick at home! ;)

Off to bed! I go back to work tomorrow! *groans*



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