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( Mar. 29th, 2009 09:10 pm)
Yeah, I know, been away for quite some time...was preoccupied and busy with family health issues.

Nevertheless, I've been finding time between work and Darth Real Life to watch some tv (a girl gotta have some fun, right?) so, here it is my long overdue review on BSG's last episode - which was probably the BEST end to a series I've ever watched!


Now, my newest addiction - yes, kids, run for your lives before I bore you to death with my nagging for yet another show, much like I did with Farscape and BSG - CASTLE!

So, I only started watching it because it has Nathan Fillion and - HI, he is funny and pretty! Besides, I knew my [ profile] rjann would watch it - he has a man!crush on Nathan (yeah, I know, that sounds so gay!) - so I started watching it, and I love it! But not for the reasons you guys think. Spoilers under the cut )

As for the rest of TV shows...

I stopped following Heroes - I'm going to wait until it's over to watch it all IF it seems worth the time.

Terminator hadn't been at its best this second season, but the last couple of episodes were better! Gotta love the Connor disfunctional family!

Big Bang Theory continues to be one of the best comedies out there to me - nowadays it's better then HIMYM or Chuck - and although my favorite characters are Sheldon and Penny, I don't see them together simply because Sheldon is assexual. No, I don't see Penny with Leonard either, not at this point in the series anyway. I have read a few Penny/Sheldon fics that are cute, and I think they could work together, but Sheldon would never EVER express any kind of romantic or sexual interest in anyone. Sure, as a fic, it's a guilty trip, but it will never be canon. So, I can't buy P/S.

How I met your Mother has seen better days, but I sure loved the "sleep over" episode. Robin's show on the TV and the nightshirt/nightgown storyline where hilarious! AND we can TOTALLY see Allyson's belly!

And Chuck continues to be the silly/funny/cute spy show on monday that it's supposed to be, now with some story development with all that Orion stuff. Can't wait to see Tricia Helfer's special guest appearance!
YAY! "How I met your mother" has certainly improved when compared with the start of this season! I continue to love Barney, Robin, and Marshall and Lily! I wanted to hug Barney in "Benefits" and glomp both Marshall and Lily in "Three days snow"! LILYPAD AND MARSHMALLOW ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! I LOVE THEM!

"Big Bang Theory" on the other hand hasn't been as funny as before, but hey, I still love the show!

As for BSG...last week I was not so sure how I felt about the show - if the last episodes of the season would end in a good or bad way. Yeah, we had a few surprises - first with Starbuck, and at the end finally discovering who is the 5th Cylon... But last night...WHOA! Talk about one striking revelation after the other, and one dashing/courageous/stupid/unexpected move after the other from various characters! Just like my very human and believable show from before. The best, however, was at the very end...SPOILERS )
I have work to do, but I so DO NOT want to! My head is aching. A LOT! This has been happening every other day for the past two or three weeks. UGH! And I slept almost 12 hours this past night, so...why do I feel so tired and have a headache? I have a nagging feeling it's my allergic sinusitis again...Can it be July already? I need my vacation already! Though I'm not going to travel anywhere...*snif* So want to!

At least this past sunday I didn't work during the day, after working 9 months straight every sunday day! YATTA!

I saw Hulk. It's definitely no Iron Man, but it's better than the other Hulk movie - well, duh! Also, I love Edward Norton, so, everytime he transformed into Hulk...I got bored. Liked the little nods to previous Hulk versions, though! And the last scene...AWESOME! You guys know what I'm talking about! ;)

As for BSG midseason finale...OMFG IS IT 2009 yet??? I have to say Lee and Tigh were my favorite characters this episode - which is quite a surprise, since I always hated Tigh and Lee began as a favorite of mine but have been quite a pain in the ass the last few seasons.

Also, also...My guess at who is the Last Cylon...SPOILERS )
To [ profile] dtissagirl and [ profile] jujubinha! SPOILERS for the upcoming movie The Hulk - girls, you SOOOO wanna watch this tv spot AND the movie!! :D

Hulk TV Spot 1

I was going to watch this movie anyway - I love Ed Norton - but now...I have TWO reasons to watch it!

As for the last BSG episode...*am dead of GLEE!*
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( May. 31st, 2008 12:21 pm)
Yeah, still alive, but only barely. For about two months now, every other week I work two long periods of 56h with only 12h to rest in between. I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED! And my bosses won't let me go, even though I asked them to! :(

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the AWESOMENESS that BSG last season is! Ok, we had a couple of episodes that weren't that great, but the last two episodes...

SPOILERS under the cut! )

So, next episode? Please? Too bad Skyone won't be showing the episodes earlier anymore.
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( Apr. 13th, 2008 12:09 am)
Hi! Yes, still alive - barely!

I had an exam yesterday - wrote 8 pages to a 5 question exam! My hand still hurts! - so, I had a LOT of studying this past few weeks days, since I always leave everything to the very end.

Now I have three articles to present next tuesday, a presentation to do next wednesday, and two online quizzes from a antibiotic course I'm making to do up until friday.

I'm sooooo frakked...*sigh*

But I just had to say this:


*phew* Now that THAT's out of my system...gotta go to work. Or sleep. I dunno...
Since tomorrow I'm going to NEW YORK, BABY! I figured I should post my feelings about Prison Break's and BSG's finales! And the last three Heroes episodes as well!

Before that, though, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

And yes, I should be packing my bags, but I'll do that later!

Prison Break Season Finale )

BSG Season Finale )

Man, I've been so busy that I didn't post ANYTHING about any of the new Heroes episodes after the show's hiatus! So...Heroes! )

And to think that tomorrow night I will be flying to NY while the episode is on, and WITHOUT a computer on the next day to download the episode! GAH! *pulls her hair out* Anyone know how long does it take for NBC to put the episode on their website? Perhaps I can watch it in Atlanta, while I wait for my connection to NY!

At last, it's time to say good bye!

I will see all you guys later! I will try to update during my trip, but I can't be sure if I will be able or not.

Tomorrow, NY. Next week, LA. And then...CELEBRATION, HERE I COME! :D
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 11:32 pm)
Yeah, I know I've been neglecting *gasp* my LJ, but my weeks - and weekends - have been full. Especially at work - but it's sooooooo different from the previous work, and it's so much BETTER to work in a place where you are not exploited, where you really are important and where you are really LEARNING everyday...I've been tired, yes, but happy. :)

Anyway, in chronological order!

My birthday on february 28th was a quiet matter - it was a wednesday, so, I had dinner with family, boyfriend, and a few friends who could fit my birthday's celebration during a work day. The following weekend I met mroe friends, some - the geekier ones - I saw on saturday, at [ profile] hgranado's birthday party, and others - the crazier ones :P - I saw on sunday, when we had lunch/dinner at Pizza Hut.

Then, on monday, since I had a night shift, I saw the last Heroes very early in the morning, due to Global Canada airing the episode on Sunday - and I went to work jumping and kicking and wanting to scream and talk to someone about it, but I couldn't because nobody else had watched, and when they did watch, I was working for two days non-stop.

So, here goes my late review for Heroes: Parasite )

On Tuesday, after I woke up late at night - I had passed out from tiredness earlier in the afternoon - I finally managed to watch Prison Break and BSG: Maelstorm.

Prison Break has been giving me the "let's feed the audience with some BS and stall wrapping up all this mess because we just signed a contract for a third season" vibes ever since the previous week, and not even the Michael/Sara aspect of it made me very happy. This show is SOOOOO going to sink from now on! :((

BSG...oh, BSG, this episode was so much better than previous episodes, but it was also WORST! Allow me to explain... )

After another full week, I had my cousin's wedding to attend on saturday, and went to the movies on sunday to watch Ghost Rider, which was better than Elektra, but worst than Daredevil, but it was fun nevertheless because I was with [ profile] rjann and friends. :)

And then, yesterday. WITHOUT new Heroes episodes. Until FRAKKING APRIL 23RD! GAH! *pulls hair out*

Well, at least I still have the latest BSG episode to watch - again, I had to work two days non-stop and passed out from tiredness earlier today. But I intend to watch it ASAP. :)

But first, a meme! )
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( Feb. 26th, 2007 10:41 pm)

*breathes in, breathes out*

OK, in order:

BSG - it didn't suck, as a matter of fact, the first five minutes had more action than the last two episodes, and the storyline was WONDERFUL - with a political twist, with interesting character development and connecting to character's past deeds and stuff. I still hate Gaius, but the sonofab!tch sure knows how to speak and sell an idea! Great episode, and the best line was delivered by Bill to Laura when she complained about cramped quarters! XD I love Chief Tyrol, but I love Laura and Bill more! :)



Er, but first, could I have Prison Break? Please? :P
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 09:01 pm)
Today I went to my old job and the hag my old boss finally decided to give me the residence certificate I'm entitled to and release me from her evil clutches. I still don't have the paper on my hands, but it's close! She was the only thing preventing me from getting the paper, and now she finally had allowed for the paper to be made. YAY! Now I don't have to worry about losing my new and PERFECT - so far :P - medical residence because of that old witch! :D

Today I also fixed my car's A/C, to [ profile] rjann, [ profile] dabih - and all the others that usually drive with me - delight! It's too damn hot these days for me to drive with a broken A/C!

My mother gave me as an early birthday gift a chair for my computer - it's in black leather, with resting arms and small wheels underneath! So comfy! :D

Today was also a great day because I watched the latest episode of Heroes! Read more... )

And since I'm on reviewing mode, a quick review on BSG latest episode. Read more... )

Read more... )
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( Jan. 21st, 2007 11:59 pm)
I'm so excited right now, I don't know if I will be able to sleep. At all.

Tonight BSG comes back to season 3.5, and tomorrow it's Heroes and Prison Break who are coming back. But what I'm really excited about is the fact that tomorrow I start my new residence! The one I wanted - even though I wasn't completely sure at the time - two years ago, and the one that after two years in HELL I realized it was the one I really wanted. The one in the place I want! OMG, I'm so nervous! Will I really like it? Will the people there be nice to me? *snorts* I should know better, right? But I'm naïve! Will I be ok, great or bad at it?

GAH! I want tomorrow to come already!

I'm more hyper than normal, if that's possible! XD
So, after the last PB and Heroes episodes on the past few weeks, this week it was time for BSG to air it last episode before winter hiatus, and OMGWTF! Great episode, with great characterizations, storylines, and a cliffhanger - actually, I should say cliffhangerS - to keep us on the edge of our seats until the hiatus ends!

spoilers under the cut! )

Also, yesterday was [ profile] priwskywalker's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, PRIW! The party was a blast, I hope you enjoy your presents, and as soon as I upload them, I will post pictures from the party here! :)

Btw, your awesome Super Nerd costume reminded me that I need to write my [ profile] 12days_of_clois fic! XD Also need to read all the other entries so far, I stopped midway through [ profile] alphielj's fic, I had so much to do this week and weekend I barely stayed at home, let alone sitting at my computer!

At last but not least, three days for my exam's results to come out! XD *histerically and anxiously waiting for it*
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 08:46 pm)
This weekend I took the last two exams I had to take - one was in another State, and I had to flew in and out of there, but it was a smooth trip. I need to check how well I did on those exams, but I'm having trouble catching up with you guys - 600+ entries to check! Just skimmed through it all, didn't actually read every single one of them or I would be still at it! XD

Oh, ane before I embarked on the plane, I bought "Eragon" to read on the plane. The beginning got me interested - so much I didn't want to study or sleep on saturday night, but to read instead - but let's see if it still keeps me interested throughout all the book.

I just finished watching the last BSG episode - yes, I know it aired on friday, but I was busy and away, I only just saw it. Let me say that I LOVE the fact that Lee and Kara's characters are back on track, and that the writers sure know how to make you care for a character even if you really hated him/her to begin with! :D They did it with Gaeta, and now again! Very nice episode - I missed Laura though!

And now, for a lack of better thing to do - actually, for the lack of WANTING to do anything else - I bring you MEMES!

England, silliness, terrorism, a xmas stocking and a personality test under the cut! )

PS: Do you guys know what "being finished with exams" mean? CATCH UP TIME! All those shows I haven't been watching, and all the other shows I want to catch up on even though I'm seasons behind, now I finally have the time to watch them! YAY! :D No Heroes tonight, though. :(
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( Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:31 pm)
This week's BSG episode was...interesting. BSG 3.09 Spoilers under cut )

Last night ABC showed some behind the scenes videos from OOTP, and [ profile] ohnotheydidnt has a post with all of the videos here and OMG! OMGOMGOMG! General squeeing under cut )
NO, they are not connected! XD It would be...something to have my sister watching BSG, let alone liking it!

No, the reason I'm making a post about her is because she just came back from Europe yesterday! After nearly nine months - most of them spent at Madrid, Spain - she came back home. She also traveled to Portugal, Italy, England, France, Germany and Netherlands.

She came back with thousands of pictures, three luggages full of clothes, and a toblerone and iPod Nano for me! :D

Oh, and she had a Spanish boyfriend for about three months! ;) :P

She still has the same, er, personality, though perhaps a bit more mature...let's see how long it takes for us to begin fighting again - I sincerely hope we don't, but we'll have to wait and see! ;)

Now, for the BSG part of this post! BSG - Collaborators )

Today I spent all afternoon with [ profile] rjann...:) *happy*

Elections tomorrow - blergh - and then monday! I have work but also HEROES! AND PB! :D Like [ profile] ricardosolo and [ profile] priwskywalker already said, I like monday now! ;)
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( Oct. 12th, 2006 11:09 pm)
I've been thinking about changing my layout for a while now, even though I love my Superman layout and Superman himself, and I was thinking about getting a BSG layout...and I stumbled into a PERFECT BSG Lee/Kara layout by [ profile] wurlocke! :D

And just to let you guys know, I'll get off town tomorrow morning and I won't be back until Sunday! ;)

The only downside to this is that I won't get to watch BSG 3.03 until MONDAY! Especially because I have an ER shift sunday night...GAH! X|
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( Oct. 7th, 2006 09:19 pm)

BSG 3.01/3.02 - spoilers under the cut! )

Now that that's off my chest, I had a great time on friday night eating Pizza Hut and hanging out with [ profile] rjann, [ profile] weirdgirlie, [ profile] louisemcgregor and [ profile] kthrace! Btw, [ profile] weirdgirlie, have you seen PB 2.07 yet?? ;)
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( Oct. 6th, 2006 06:08 pm)

Ok, now that THAT is off my chest - YAY! - the last two movies I watched in the Rio Movie Festival!

The Departed - review WITHOUT SPOILERS! Cut for lenght! )

Driving Lessons - SPOILERS under the cut! )

Trying NOT to think about tonight - BSG YAY! - I leave you now to do some things I have to do! ;)
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( Sep. 2nd, 2006 10:43 pm)
So, today we spent the afternoon at Jess' house, watching the very first episodes from a handful of tv series we all want to watch/have watched and want to convert the others into liking said series. It was great fun, even if part of it was when people made fun of me - :P

I will put my thoughts on the tv shows we watched here, in the order we watched the shows:

Prison Break Read more... )

House Read more... )

Bones Read more... )

Grey's Anatomy Read more... )

Firefly Read more... )

Obviously, I tried to put BSG into that list, but didn't succeed. But that's not a problem, because [ profile] priwskywalker told me she had finally caved in, started to watch BSG this week, and REALLY LIKED IT! YAY! *HAPPY SNOOPY DANCE*

With Priw, I have managed to get four people to watch it - [ profile] mariana_aroeira, [ profile] hgranado, and [ profile] ricardosolo are the other three - and I think only Ricardo isn't excited about it! ;) YAY!
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( Aug. 29th, 2006 10:15 pm)

Thanks to [ profile] drewcypher for providing the pics! ;)


PS: [ profile] dtissagirl, I think you can safely see the pics because they are promotional, without spoilers IMHO! ;)


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