So, last week was carnival here in Rio. Since I never liked the heat, and nowadays I don't care much for the usual carnival activities in my town, I traveled to Teresópolis, a nearby city with a much cooler climate - and where we could enjoy a pool and my mother's cooking! I could only enjoy three days of the entire holiday, because I had work the other two days, but it was worth nevertheless!

Terê pictures! )

To everyone else on my f-list who lives in Rio - I'm setting up a schedule for the entire year to accommodate every one of my friends from my different acquaintances/groups! :D

This weekend, since yesterday was my birthday, was quite full of activities - which also involved eating!

Pizza Hut and the IBEU family )

Birthday lunch with my family )

Dinner with my co-workers )

Lunch with my NERD friends...with a surprise visitor! )

This weekend was certainly a BLAST! Today was quite special, because I haven't hang out with the NERD GANG for quite a while, and I missed all our crazy-nerd-fandom talk! "Que saudade disso tudo gente!!!" XD

But I still need to meet a few friends - some were out of town this entire week!
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 05:16 pm)
...has been very nice! Perhaps not as good as August, but nice nonetheless!

First weekend, we had JEDICON - our SW convention - and although in previous years it had seen better editions, on this one I got to see [ profile] hgranado, who came from London to visit, and [ profile] priwskywalker who also came, but from São Paulo. I think what annoyed me the most was that another person that wasn't me made the SW EU lecture, but...oh, well. :P They had an amazing customs exhibiton, though, including a life-sized speeder bike! :D

On that sunday I had lunch at my sister's apartment, with our mom and my boyfriend. [ profile] rjann sure enjoyed the PS3 "Force Unleashed" preview Igor - my sister's boyfriend - had! But not as much as the real game - more on that later! ;)

Last friday I saw "Mamma Mia!" It's sort of a silly movie, with a few dialogue sentences only meant to connect a whole bunch of Abba songs, but the music was contagious, we kept clapping and singing, and moving our feet to the rhythm of the music! One thing bugged me though. little spoiler ) I left the movie theater singing though.

This past weekend, we celebrated [ profile] nandaweasley's birthday! We went to Outback - LOVE this restaurant! - and we ate, and we talked A LOT! Lots to catch up on! Sunday I had to work, but it was, thankfully, a quiet shift.

So. About "Force Unleashed". NO, I haven't played it - yet. But [ profile] rjann has. Last night, while I was WORKING, he spent about 5 hours playing it - he told me the last, what, two or three hours, were spent trying to reach just one more level...than just one more level...and one more...LOL. XD At least now I can play with Mara! Yep, he unlocked her character! And, until he finishes the game - which should happen by the end of the week - I'll stand by my belief that, in the end, Mara Jade kills Starkiller. It's so obvious! Vader tries to betray Palpatine, whom in turn sends his apprentice, Mara, to kill Vader's. :) :P But, yeah, if you are wondering, it sure sounds like a GREAT game!

OH, before I go, one link, two countdowns, and one question!

Star Wars (and others) dolls!

TWO DAYS to the Brazillian IRON MAN DVD release! YAY!

Also TWO DAYS for Brisingir! Yes, the third installment on Paolini's saga - or should I say the SW/LOTR/HP mixed homage? XD

FIVE DAYS to a new HIMYM episode! AWESOME! And I have the gut feeling it's going to be LEGEN - wait for it - DARY! XD

At last, the question...I have a Tungsten E, but it's old, and I never really got very used to it - always forgot to charge it - and I was thinking about buying a smartphone. Thing is, I have a few programs - NOT DATA, or PIM - in there that I'd like to still use in my new smartphone. That plus everyone I know who owns a PDA has a Palm OS based one, and most of the medical programs I know are in that system - although a few come in Blackberry and WM OS. there any way to make a Palm OS PROGRAM work in another operating system?

Gotta go now... Let's see what I'll do this next few weekends ahead... ;)
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 06:59 pm)
...que hoje é seu aniversário! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO, [ profile] pollysummers!

Yeah, it's been two weeks since I last posted - I think. I remember those days when I posted almost daily! I miss those days. I had a calmer life. :P

News, news, what news do I bring you? Well, not much, except that I finished SG-1 season 9 and SGA season 2!

more under the cut... )

ETA: Almost forgot!


I'm joining, are you?
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 11:32 pm)
Yeah, I know I've been neglecting *gasp* my LJ, but my weeks - and weekends - have been full. Especially at work - but it's sooooooo different from the previous work, and it's so much BETTER to work in a place where you are not exploited, where you really are important and where you are really LEARNING everyday...I've been tired, yes, but happy. :)

Anyway, in chronological order!

My birthday on february 28th was a quiet matter - it was a wednesday, so, I had dinner with family, boyfriend, and a few friends who could fit my birthday's celebration during a work day. The following weekend I met mroe friends, some - the geekier ones - I saw on saturday, at [ profile] hgranado's birthday party, and others - the crazier ones :P - I saw on sunday, when we had lunch/dinner at Pizza Hut.

Then, on monday, since I had a night shift, I saw the last Heroes very early in the morning, due to Global Canada airing the episode on Sunday - and I went to work jumping and kicking and wanting to scream and talk to someone about it, but I couldn't because nobody else had watched, and when they did watch, I was working for two days non-stop.

So, here goes my late review for Heroes: Parasite )

On Tuesday, after I woke up late at night - I had passed out from tiredness earlier in the afternoon - I finally managed to watch Prison Break and BSG: Maelstorm.

Prison Break has been giving me the "let's feed the audience with some BS and stall wrapping up all this mess because we just signed a contract for a third season" vibes ever since the previous week, and not even the Michael/Sara aspect of it made me very happy. This show is SOOOOO going to sink from now on! :((

BSG...oh, BSG, this episode was so much better than previous episodes, but it was also WORST! Allow me to explain... )

After another full week, I had my cousin's wedding to attend on saturday, and went to the movies on sunday to watch Ghost Rider, which was better than Elektra, but worst than Daredevil, but it was fun nevertheless because I was with [ profile] rjann and friends. :)

And then, yesterday. WITHOUT new Heroes episodes. Until FRAKKING APRIL 23RD! GAH! *pulls hair out*

Well, at least I still have the latest BSG episode to watch - again, I had to work two days non-stop and passed out from tiredness earlier today. But I intend to watch it ASAP. :)

But first, a meme! )
First of all, even though I already told her this today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] dabih!

I promise I will try to make a better post next time! There are still a few - longer - memes to do, like the HP7 meme and the "getting to know you better" meme! ;)

memes )
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( Jan. 4th, 2007 10:50 pm)
Just a quick post to wish [ profile] weirdgirlie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
So, after the last PB and Heroes episodes on the past few weeks, this week it was time for BSG to air it last episode before winter hiatus, and OMGWTF! Great episode, with great characterizations, storylines, and a cliffhanger - actually, I should say cliffhangerS - to keep us on the edge of our seats until the hiatus ends!

spoilers under the cut! )

Also, yesterday was [ profile] priwskywalker's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, PRIW! The party was a blast, I hope you enjoy your presents, and as soon as I upload them, I will post pictures from the party here! :)

Btw, your awesome Super Nerd costume reminded me that I need to write my [ profile] 12days_of_clois fic! XD Also need to read all the other entries so far, I stopped midway through [ profile] alphielj's fic, I had so much to do this week and weekend I barely stayed at home, let alone sitting at my computer!

At last but not least, three days for my exam's results to come out! XD *histerically and anxiously waiting for it*
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( Sep. 16th, 2006 11:59 pm)
Just here to wish a happy birthday to Jen! Honey, you are a wonderful person, friend, geeky fan, and you are on your path to greatness, no matter how long it will take you. Do, or do not. There is no try. Never forget that. I wish you not only sucess, but happiness, love and health! :D

Oh, and plot bunnies. XD

Posted it in the nick of time...sorta! ;) I was offline all day!
First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] nandaweasley! May JKR FINALLY write an acual kiss and explicit hot sex between Ron and Hermione in book 7! ;) XD

Second, a video where the LOST numbers get explained! Thank you for pointing that out, [ profile] llembas! ;)


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