Twitter has eaten my brain - I's been a loooong time since I last posted here!

Anyway, I've been wanting to post this for a while now, and only now got the chance to do it!

First and more importantly: I SAW HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE AND I LIKED IT! True, I didn't LOVE IT, but I liked it nevertheless.

So, the movie, like the book, is very dark. Not only the story itself - or the very ending of the movie - but also the picture. The director chose to make the movie picture darker, so you don't see much contrast throughout the movie - the exceptions being the Quidditch after party and Christmas before the attack.

But it is also funny - probably to balance the dark mood of the story, in the book we have lots of romance - or should I say teenagers hormones at a rampage? ;) And they did likewise in the movie. Ok, they played out somethings - like Hermione's jealousy - and dimmed or completely cut others, like Ron's jealously and the fact that he got so mad at Ginny and Hermione snogging with boys that he decided to make out with Lavender. But that, and the wonderful british sarcasm, certainly stole lots of laughs from me and the audience.

I can remember only three things bothering me:

1) I miss the final battle, although it has been said it was cut because they didn't want to make it because it would be similar to the final battle in movie 8. Ok, I get that, but then....why attack the Burrow? Just to explode it? Seemed pointless to me.

2) Harry was NOT petrified at the end. How come Harry, thick headed Harry, who always acts before thinking, doesn't do anything to stop Dumbledore from being killed? He never EVER obeyed Snape once in his life, and he chose THIS moment to do so?

3) Harry and Ginny's kiss. I think it was the anxiety built around it, seemed so...cold. I wish they hadn't given their original kiss to Ron and Lavender's.

Now, just for the fun of it, some comments made by [profile] rjann and [profile] ricardosolo after we saw the movie for a second time last, they are not teenagers anymore, but their comments sure sound like they are! XD Silly boys...

1) Are you guys really sure what Hermione had on her mouth was toothpaste? Didn't seem like she and Ron were, er, busy and when they heard Ginny asking about Harry he asked about it to give Hermione some time to compose herself and run to the other floor to ask about Harry herself, only to appear that they weren't, in fact, together?

2) That scene during Slughorn's ball when Snape got Harry and Cormac together behind the curtains? He probably thought they were making out, and thus discovering if Cormac swallos or spills! XD Btw, I can totally see Snape thinking that Harry and Cormac reminded him of Sirius and Remus when they were back in school! *R/S Shipper at Heart*

3) Still on that same line of thought inspired by silly boys, do you really think Ginny got on her knees to tie Harry's shoe laces???

4) OH, and Dumbledore wanting to keep a magazine on Knitting? OMG! I'm so gay! XD

5) The scene where the trio discussed going back to Hogwarts and Dumbledore's age, and then laughing histerically? They were probably stoned!

6) But certainly not as stoned as Harry got when he used the Felix Felicis potions! His comment about Aragog's pincers? PRICELESS!

I watched the first season of Legend of the Seeker. OMG IT'S SO LOTR meets SW meets HP meets any other fandom you can think of! I mean, it's even more than Eragon!!

Come ON!

Pretty girl in white that looks like an Elf *cofArwencof* and is running away from bad guys trying to get to an old man who everyone thinks is crazy but actually has great powers because he is a wizard? *cofJedicofObiWancof*

Then an unsuspected young man, Richar Cypher, discovers he has a destiny to fulfill? *cofLukecof*

And his surrogate father dies amidst a fire? *cofOwen&Berucof*

Then he inherits a magical sword that shines *coflightsabercof* called Sword of Truth *cofThundercatscof* with which he is supposed to bring justice and peace *cofJedicof* to the Midlands? *cofMiddleEarthcof*

AND the main villain has a vision of him becoming the Seeker? *cofSauroncofEmperorcof*

AND the hero of the story doesn't know who his father is? *cofVadercofMurtaughcof*

Just get those ingredients above and toss in the inevitable and necessary main couple full of UST because they can't be together *cofMoonlighingcofloisandclarkcof*, and you have Legend of the Seeker!

Mind you, I *liked* the series, probably because of all those cheesy ingredients above. So much I watched the entire first season in what? One week or two? But that doesn't stop me from making jokes! ;)

*signing off trying VERY HARD not to think of Comic Con this weekend, with Farscape 10th anniversary, Glee panel with second episode preview, Big Bang theory panel, and 24 panel with KATEE SACKHOFF!*
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