Big Bang Season Finale: I was disappointed with this one. After such a great season, with great moments, this was a very week episode. Raj's jabs at Sheldon were the only good thing in it. Plus, I thought they had given up on Leonard/Penny - they are ANNOYING when together. GAH!

Castle Season Finale: OMG I WANT NEXT SEASON LIKE, RIGHT NOW! I want to know what happened to Beckett's mother! Plus, OMG PRETTIEST CAST AND THE MOST FORMIDABLE RELATIONSHIPS IN THE HISTORY OF TV EVER! I love Castle and his daughter, and I LOVE HIM AND BECKETT! They work so well together!

And I'm SO HAPPY for Nathan Fillion! FINALLY one of his shows got a second season!

HIMYM Season Finale: OMG, OMG, OMG! BARNEY AND ROBIN, BARNEY AND ROBIN! AND "THE MOSBY"! That was a stroke of genius - *glomps Marshall" - and their scene at the hospital and then Barney's leap after looking Robin in her eyes...OMG SO MUCH WIN!!! And Ted, Ted, a student? I WANT NEXT SEASON, LIKE, RIGHT NOW! XD

And at last, a new show's pilot, and not a season finale. Yes, I watched Glee. And it's a stroke of GENIUS! Sure, it seems cheesy at first sight, but when you discover how weird and warped and troubled all the characters are, and therefore how REAL they seem...OMG! PLUS, THE MUSIC! It sticks in your head and you can't get rid of it! Also, also, one sign that I'm totally lost to it? I HAVE AN ONGOING FANFIC BEING WRITTEN BY ITSELF INSIDE MY MIND STARRING FINN/RACHEL! GAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I need a GLEE icon, like, RIGHT NOW!

From: [identity profile]

I just read your review of the season finale of HIMYM and by reading it, I have realized....I SOMEHOW DID NOT SEE THE SEASON FINALE! OMGWTF! I thought the week before was the season finale and didn't bother to check the next week at all! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

*runs off to watch it*
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From: [identity profile]

OMFG PLIS WRITE FINN/RACHEL OMFG I NEEEEEEDS IT SO MUCH! *bats eyelashes* Seriously, so far I've only seen one single Glee fic posted and that's just wrong. The potential is right there, even.

Also: I could've written this post about the other shows. So much WORD. :)

From: [identity profile]

Hee, I don't know if you'd like's totally smut. They start as "sex budies" and only afterwards Finn develops feelings for her - she is completely smitten with him the first time he sings, so, we KNOW it was love at first sight for her, but not him.

I need a GLEE icon...
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From: [identity profile]

Hey, I like smut! I read plenty of smut! In fact I spent YEARS of my life practically only reading smut because there's really no other type of Buffy/Spike fic out there. WRITE EEEET! *g*

I only made this one Glee icon, but if you wanna use it, feel free. :)

From: [identity profile]

I'm going to disagree about BBT. I loved it that the guys went away for the summer, so Penny and Leonard will have to spend some time apart, and realize how very much they'll miss each other. I've been a L/P shipper from the first episode, and I'm totally pulling for them. I enjoyed the episode.

What is HIMYM? I don't recognize any of the characters you mentioned, so I know it's not something I watch.

I was sort of "meh" about "Glee", but I loved that closing number! How awesome was that? And I bet that wife totally lies to her husband about being pregnant! I'm going to keep watching.

And I'm SO HAPPY for Nathan Fillion! FINALLY one of his shows got a second season!

There was a sitcom Nathan was on in the late 90s/early 2000s called "Two Guys and a Girl". He came into the series a few years into it, but then became a major character. You should check it out.

From: [identity profile]

I was a L/P shipper in the beginning, but then I started to feel it was taking too long for them to b e together - like their relationship "jumped the shark". I think I prefer all of them out of any kinds of romantic relationships.

HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother. You should definitely check it out! It's similar to Friends, only more sarcastic, I think.

I think I saw a couple of Two Guys and a Girl episodes, but never really followed it...will have to find it over the internet and check it out! :)

From: [identity profile]

I don't think their relationship is "jumping the shark" -- the show's only been on for two seasons. I think they (the writers, producers, whoever) are just taking their time and letting their romance develope naturally.

I figured out the HIMTM thing -- after I posted, I saw your icon, and went "DUH!" I've seen a couple of eps, and have the first season or two on VHS.

From: [identity profile]

Like I said above, I prefer all of them out of any kind of romantic relationship. I used to be a L/P shipper, but then I felt like their time to be together had passed, and I don't see it anymore. I also DON'T see Penny with Sheldon or any of the other guys. I just guess romance isn't supposed to happen in BBT.


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