The tv season is coming to an end! In some ways I'm happy because I want closure on some series storylines, but I'm also sad because there are lots of series that won't be back next season. For example, Battlestar Galactica.

Yep, still not over that we won't have Adama and his crew next year. *sigh*

Not to mention that there are a few series that might not come back - please, let it be just might, not certainly won't! - like Chuck and Sarah Connor. I'd be sad to see both go, especially Sarah Connor, and especially after the last episode!

OMGOMGOMG! JOHN WENT TO THE FUTURE AND MET DEREK - YAY! DEREK ISN'T DEAD! OK, HE IS, BUT NOT IN THE FUTURE -- HIS PAST AND *HIS FATHER*! I totally died of happiness in this last scene. I think the only reason I didn't actually died was the fact that Sarah didn't go.

I have to admit this season was not as enticing as season 1, but after the last episode, I NEED TO WATCH SEASON THREE! LIKE, RIGHT NOW! GAH!

Also, not related to the show itself but rather to an actor: Brian Austin Green wants to be Green Lantern and I couldn't think of anyone BETTER than him! :D Also, also, he is a sci-fi fan! More especifically "an old school “Star Wars” fan, [who] was a bit disappointed by the way the new ones came together." *GRINS*

Other series I've been following...

It's entertaining, and it amuses me, but I rarely think about it until the next week. LOVED to see Quantum Leap and Chevy Chase, though! :)

The show is still funny, but it has seen brighter and funnier days. Last episode wasn't that great, but had its moments. For example, LOVED how they got rid of Lily for the next 4 weeks! It's silly, but I liked it!

And they are getting ready for the big *BARNEY LOVES ROBIN* revelation! Well, at least to Robin, because everybody else knows but her. It was so obvious Lily would tell Marshall Barney's secret! And I HAD noticed that Barney had mostly seated next to Robin at MacLaren's this season, so, it was great to see Marshall saying it was a concious move he and Lily made. That was sweet indeed! Can't wait to see Robin's reaction! But I bet we are going to get a "wait for it!"

Please, please, please, PLEASE let this show be renewed. I'm loving it! Yes, it's full of cliches, but it's pretty, I like their UST and banter, and it's great to see New York, if only on television - or rather, laptop screen.

I'm still amused by their uber-geekiness. And that's all that I need to keep watching it! Besides, they already renewed for two more seasons. :)

Going on a complete tangent here, I had a very nice Holy Week. Lots of food, fondue, shopping, family, friends, and swimming pool. I think I deserved these days off after the not so great March I had, and also because now I have FIVE jobs! Yep, that's right! I got an invitation to be THE infectious disease doctor at a very conservative, well-known and good hospital here in Rio! I'm so happy about it! :)

And at last but not least...I also got myself a Dreamwidth account, in case fandom decides to abandon LJ after their next bad move! :P Feel free to add me!

I messed up while backing up LJ to DW, so, all my entries have the same icons, but it's all there, entries and comments, and I hope that the icons will be soon fixable. I still need to figoure out how to do cross-posting (I found semagic confusing) and change my layout, though. When I have the time, obviously, which would be...not in a near future! *snort*

I do want to make a Castle layout for me, though - like you guys DIDN'T see this coming! :P

OH, which reminds me...[profile] rjann, look who has a twitter now! I never really wanted to open a twitter account, but I'm starting to reconsider it....:P
htbthomas: (Big Bang Theory - Penny/Sheldon)

From: [personal profile] htbthomas

You probably hadn't noticed (yeah, right) but my new obsession is Big Bang Theory. LOVE it.

I also hope everything gets renewed. Both what I watch and what I don't. :)
htbthomas: (Big Bang Theory - Penny/Sheldon)

From: [personal profile] htbthomas

It's okay if you don't see them together, we'll slowly wear away at everyone until they see the light, *ahem*. :) I would have said the same thing about Barney/Robin when I first started shipping them, and look what happened... :D


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