Yeah, I know, been away for quite some time...was preoccupied and busy with family health issues.

Nevertheless, I've been finding time between work and Darth Real Life to watch some tv (a girl gotta have some fun, right?) so, here it is my long overdue review on BSG's last episode - which was probably the BEST end to a series I've ever watched!

FRAKKING AWESOME! The preparation for battle sent a chill down my spine, and the battle was FRAK-tastic! The show sure does how to make us sit on the edge of our seats!

I know the majority of fans didn't like the last half hour...well, I did, with one small exception I'll mention later, but I did like to see everyone have their much awaited endings. Be it happy or otherwise - we all knew Laura was going to die, and her death was so poignant! Sure, I actually cried through the entire half hour of the show, but when Laura died...I actually bawled!

And the end in Times Square, with the whole mitochondrial eve stuff, and Head!Six and Head!Baltar all Crowley and Aziraphale-y...AWESOME! Yes, we are all frakking Cylons, and I love it! :P

The one thing that I did not like though, and it probably won't be a surprise because it's everyone's nitpick, was Starbuck's end. COME ON! An Angel? I was all giddy because we FINALLY didn't have Dee, or Anders, or Kara's troubled mind in their way, they could marry and frak and have tons of kids, but no, she had to just go - PUFT! Poor Lee.

Nevertheless a great ending to, in my opinion, one of the best if not THE BEST tv show ever to be made! Sci fi, space battle, GREAT CHARACTERS and GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, they had it all. I'm sad to see it go, but glad that at least it ended in a high note.

Now, my newest addiction - yes, kids, run for your lives before I bore you to death with my nagging for yet another show, much like I did with Farscape and BSG - CASTLE!

So, I only started watching it because it has Nathan Fillion and - HI, he is funny and pretty! Besides, I knew my [ profile] rjann would watch it - he has a man!crush on Nathan (yeah, I know, that sounds so gay!) - so I started watching it, and I love it! But not for the reasons you guys think. Sure, it's your basic investigation show, with lots of clich├ęs - the main couple and their unresolved sexual tension, the funny male lead, the tough and seemingly cold-hearted female lead, the perfect daughter who has her head in a better place than her crazy father, the crazy grandmother - but it's funny and great and it's not always THAT obvious who is going to be the killer. But the two main SILLY reasons I fell in love with this show are: 1) their clothes are SO PRETTY! Especially their scarves, and they keep changing scarves for every scene, and each one is prettier than the last one! And 2) New York. Yeah, I fell in love with New York when I visited it almost two years ago, but seeing it every week as another character of the show...I suddenly feel the urge to go there again!

As for the rest of TV shows...

I stopped following Heroes - I'm going to wait until it's over to watch it all IF it seems worth the time.

Terminator hadn't been at its best this second season, but the last couple of episodes were better! Gotta love the Connor disfunctional family!

Big Bang Theory continues to be one of the best comedies out there to me - nowadays it's better then HIMYM or Chuck - and although my favorite characters are Sheldon and Penny, I don't see them together simply because Sheldon is assexual. No, I don't see Penny with Leonard either, not at this point in the series anyway. I have read a few Penny/Sheldon fics that are cute, and I think they could work together, but Sheldon would never EVER express any kind of romantic or sexual interest in anyone. Sure, as a fic, it's a guilty trip, but it will never be canon. So, I can't buy P/S.

How I met your Mother has seen better days, but I sure loved the "sleep over" episode. Robin's show on the TV and the nightshirt/nightgown storyline where hilarious! AND we can TOTALLY see Allyson's belly!

And Chuck continues to be the silly/funny/cute spy show on monday that it's supposed to be, now with some story development with all that Orion stuff. Can't wait to see Tricia Helfer's special guest appearance!
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