So, last week was carnival here in Rio. Since I never liked the heat, and nowadays I don't care much for the usual carnival activities in my town, I traveled to Teresópolis, a nearby city with a much cooler climate - and where we could enjoy a pool and my mother's cooking! I could only enjoy three days of the entire holiday, because I had work the other two days, but it was worth nevertheless!

The weather was AMAZING!

Rafael, Lívia, my mom, and my father two dogs

Rafael, Lívia, and one of my father's dogs

Rafael and Rafael

Lívia e Fábio

My father

Lívia and Fábio at the pool

Rafael and me

To everyone else on my f-list who lives in Rio - I'm setting up a schedule for the entire year to accommodate every one of my friends from my different acquaintances/groups! :D

This weekend, since yesterday was my birthday, was quite full of activities - which also involved eating!

Pizza Hut and the IBEU family

IBEU family

Paula and me

Anninha (with her hands covering her head), Monique and me

Birthday lunch with my family

My mom and my sister

Rafael, me and my father

Veronica, Igor, Rafael and me

Dinner with my co-workers

The whole lot that was there

Mari and me

Mari, myself, Rafael and Rafael

Rafael, me, Jaqueline and her boyfriend

Me and Cássia

Flávio, Carol and me

Halime, Luiza, Lívia and me

Mari, Fatima and her boyfriend, and me

Lunch with my NERD friends...with a surprise visitor!

Rafael when he saw the surprise visitor!

Lu, Henrique, me and Jess

Lu, Henrique, me, Rafael and Jess

Rafael and me when Nanda presented us with Minnie and Mickey dressed to wed pepper and salt shakers!

Nanda and Ricardo

Henrique, Nanda, Jess and Rafael

Bruna, Lu, Henri, Ricardo, Nanda, Jess, Rafa and me

Nanda, Ricardo, me, Jess and Rafa

This weekend was certainly a BLAST! Today was quite special, because I haven't hang out with the NERD GANG for quite a while, and I missed all our crazy-nerd-fandom talk! "Que saudade disso tudo gente!!!" XD

But I still need to meet a few friends - some were out of town this entire week!
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From: [identity profile]

Ei, Debs, feliz aniversário atrasado! [Eu tava na praia, só voltei hoje.] Me diz como andam seus horários, vamos ver se conseguimos marcar alguma coisa? :)

From: [identity profile]

Brigadinha! Eu liguei pra Marcia depis que mandei msg de texto procês pra saber qndo ia conseguir marcar da gente fazer algo nesse fds e ela me falou q vc tava fora, Tati tb...vamos tentar fazer algo esse finde! Ta meio dificil pq sabado tenho plantao e domingo a tarde lanche na minha irma, mas de repente rola almoco no domingo...B52? Eu, vc, Marcia, Juju, Tati, Clara, Andre....o q vc acha?
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From: [identity profile]

Por mim tá beleza almoço no domingo, eu tô por aqui mesmo. Pode marcar!

From: [identity profile]

Cara, eu não sou nerd, nem vem...hahaha

Mas foi um dia muito legal mesmo... tb tava com saudades disso, sabia?!

Vamos marcar teresópolis mesmo, fato que eu vou!!!


From: [identity profile]

Nanda, depois checa seu email!

Sim, ontem foi mto legal! :)


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