YAY! "How I met your mother" has certainly improved when compared with the start of this season! I continue to love Barney, Robin, and Marshall and Lily! I wanted to hug Barney in "Benefits" and glomp both Marshall and Lily in "Three days snow"! LILYPAD AND MARSHMALLOW ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! I LOVE THEM!

"Big Bang Theory" on the other hand hasn't been as funny as before, but hey, I still love the show!

As for BSG...last week I was not so sure how I felt about the show - if the last episodes of the season would end in a good or bad way. Yeah, we had a few surprises - first with Starbuck, and at the end finally discovering who is the 5th Cylon... But last night...WHOA! Talk about one striking revelation after the other, and one dashing/courageous/stupid/unexpected move after the other from various characters! Just like my very human and believable show from before. The best, however, was at the very end...OMG!!! PAPA ADAMA AND ROSLIN SLEPT TOGETHER! YAY! And it's not just a supposition or assumption from us fans like with the New Caprica episode! THEY WERE LAYING TOGETHER NAKED AND ALL MUSHY TOWARDS EACH OTHER! YAY!!! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW!

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I knew you would be thrilled when I saw that scene at the end of BSG! :)

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Benefits and Three Days of Snow were two awesome episodes. Lily & Marshall were too cute for words and I loved the twist. I also loved Barney and Ted and the "Cocktail" references. :)


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