SO, lots of things happened this past few months! And since tonight we have a few series coming BACK from their hiatus, I thought I just HAD to update this thing!

Ok, except for Mr. Bennett, I think pretty much every other character has been damaged and broken and is not OOC. Come on, Nathan selling the others out? Hiro, Claire, Peter, Matt...even my favorite characters are all messed up now! Hiro has been annoying for some time now, Claire feels like a spoiled teenager who annoys the CRAP outta me, Peter sometimes annoys me, sometimes he doesn't, and Matt is a stalker. GAH! Mohinder is no longer the only one annoying, now EVERYONE is annoying! Even SYLAR got OOC! Even if they afterwards put him as a bad guy again... all that "another misunerstood Petrelli who we thought was bad but is actually a good guy" was TOTALLY OOC! No matter what his fangirls say, he IS A BAD GUY! Period. Zach Quinto can be cute and adorkable, but SYLAR CAN'T!

*sigh* I love Sheldon. Really, I do. I'm so freakingly like him that I may sound narcisist saying this, but I love him. Him flipping out over Leonard Nimoy's authograph? I did that with Tim Zahn's and would certainly do worst with Mark Hammill's. Besides, I agree with what he said about GL and SW. AND sometimes I think I'm a lab accident away from becoming a super...freak. Freakier than what I am, anyway. Also, I love Penny, and I love Penny and Sheldon's friendshiP - because he is certainly assexual(sp?), so, no shipping them, ok?

Yeah, I finally watched the end of the first season, and started the second one. What can I say? I LOVE THE SHOW! Mostly because I love Chuck and Sarah, and I'm a sucker for romance, especially if it's somewhat doomed to never be fullfilled until the very end - especially because whenever any couples I like get together, they tend to make the show jump the shark, but anyway... Loved the episode with Sarah's dad! But Casey mad face and his reactions to Chuck....IT. IS. PRICELESS! Can't wait for new episodes.

Weak start for a season - though a bit better now that we got rid of Stella and of Marshall's weird hair, but I miss the funny of this show. Sure, we had some great moments - the reasons to have sex list was hilarious and AWESOME, but it's not the same. I miss more Lilly and Marshall episodes - a friend actually told me they feel like me and my boyfriend, only our characters are reversed because I'm certainly Marshall. And the storyline I'm most excited about is doomed to only be solved in the very end of the season and/or show - Barney and Robin's romance. (thanks for the warning, Nanda!)*sigh*

YES, I saw it, FINALLY! All of the first two seasons - well, at least what we have so far from season two - and what can I say? The characters are AWESOME!

Sarah is the tough mom every future savior of the world wish to have even though they deny and fight against it. John is the most troubled teenager but somehow the most perfect son EVER! Ok, he fights with his mom constantly, but nevertheless he learned everything he was supposed to and he does Cameron is the most imperfect perfect Cyborg EVER - she acts so well we believe her to be a robot, only she is starting to malfunction by showing emotions, and those are not fit to a cyborg.

And Derek....oh, Derek. I have to admit I was a bit afraid to see an ex 90210 alumni on this show - though my curiosity was bigger than my fear - but he excelled beyond my expectations! I simply LOVE the character! The scene where he took John to meet his father and revealed he knew to be John's uncle by revealing he saw his brother everytime he looked at John...*snif* Most poignant scene EVER! Besides...OMG HE IS SO HOT! XD

Only character in this show that I want to punch - besides the triple eights, that is, but they are the villains anyway - is Ellison. HOW COULD HE deliver a triple eight to a T1000?

Is february here already?


Oh, and I know you already know I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina. But I never really had the will or time to write about it until now. So...Well, there were great things and bad things. Great things? Seeing the "Casa Rosada", enjoying Puerto Madero, going to the Cassino - I've never had been to one before!, having a hot chocolate at Café Tortoni, going to Caminito, enjoying Palermo and Recoleta, seeing Evita on her grave (yeah, you heard me right - sort of)... One of my favorite things was the Tango show at Señor Tango!

But other stuff was not so great. The trip ended up being quite expensive, and some places were not as great as the rest - I didn't like Mar del Plata or San Telmo. And when we arrived at Buenos Aires our cab overcharged us!

Anyway, it was a very good time with my friends. Now, let's see how many months it will take me to show you pictures! ;)

What else...Well, I started working on yet ANOTHER hospital - this time it's a hospital dedicated to infectious diseases, and we only get cases referred there, so, we only have meningitis, leptospirosis...basically, all the acute and curable infectious diseases which are such a reward to treat because the patient pretty much always gets better and quite quickly. You know, one of the reasons I chose to be an infectious diseases specialist. Well, you get the picture. I started there in mid-november, and I've liked it so far! :)

ALSO, this month I started working at another hospital as a nosocomial infections control physician. Not such a thrilling job as the one above, but it pays relatively better for less work - though I'm still learning, but my new boss says she will help me and teach me what I don't know. We'll see.

Well...that's all folks! See ya later!

From: [identity profile]

Primeiro: Barney and Lily's romance?????????? Ah????
hehe Acho que vc quis dizer outra pessoa, né?! ;p

Que empregos são esses?? Aonde?? Eu quero.... não tem estágio não????Olha eu me oferencendo....hahahaha

Buenos Aires é legalzinho... eu gostei mas neeeeeeeeeeeeem tanto... o que eu mais amei foi o frio, as compras que estavam baratas e a comida... nossa, cada comida uma melhor que a outra!!!

Um dia eu volta lá!!

Ahhh sim, os pontos turisticos são legais, só não gosti do Caminito.... só tem 3 casas, mané!!! hahahaha


From: [identity profile]

Eh, troquei o nome das duas...alias, já viu o novo ep??? :D

Cara, atualmente estágio acho que não rola em canto tudo inicial ainda, coisas pequenas, se tiver alguma oportunidade te aviso.

Buenos não foi tão legal qto esperava, pq o peso tava caro, então não foi nada barato, e logo, a comida foi a mais chinfrin que comemos.

From: [identity profile]

*sigh* I love Sheldon. Really, I do. I'm so freakingly like him that I may sound narcisist saying this, but I love him. Him flipping out over Leonard Nimoy's authograph? I did that with Tim Zahn's and would certainly do worst with Mark Hammill's.

BBT is my favorite show right now, although I'm really looking forward to this week's Smallville with the Legion of Super-Heroes. But I loved that part with Sheldon and L. Nimoy's autograph. I watched it about 10 times, and it cracked me up every time. HE HUGGED PENNY. (no shipping)

I met Tim Zahn a few times, waaaaay back when I was still young and going to sci-fi cons at least once a month.

From: [identity profile]

I've stopped watching SV a long time ago, except for super heroes episodes, so, I guess I will have to see this week's!

As for Tim Zahn - GOD, I envy you! The autograph I got was because a friend of mine bought a book already with his autograph. But I would give my right arm to meet him im person.


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