OMG! I totally forgot! When I last posted, two days ago, my LJ was completing SIX YEARS since I created it! SO, happy belated birthday, my LJ! I brought SO many people to LJ - and they brought others - I sometimes think all the Brazillians on LJ are on it because of me!

Yeah, I think the world revolves around myself! ;) :D XD LOL!

Anyway, since everyone is doing it, here it is!

True Blood - it's a perhaps. Saw the first episode, was intrigued.

How I met your mother - YAY!
Heroes - YATTA!
The Big Bang Theory - because I'm Sheldon
Prison Break - didn't watch last season, don't intend to, let's see if Sarah/Michael makes me forget how eerie and stupid and WRONG their Extraordinary League of Convicted Gentleman seemed the first couple of episodes
The Sarah Connor Chronicles - if I manage to FINALLY finish watching the first season
Chuck - same thing: must finish season 1 first, only saw the first half

Smallville - I stopped watching it on season , because I HATE LANA and couldn't stand her anymore, so, I just saw a few Justice League and Lois episodes, but since I hear this season is going to be CLOIS...I just might have to watch it!

SGA - last season, my OCD is making me watch it while I'm in denial land about McKay and Dr. Keller because I prefer Keller/Ronon!

Catch up list!
Shows that I'm WAY behind - like SEASONS behind - but intend to catch up one day:
House - it's a MUST see, but I'm lacking the time! :( It's my first show in my TO WATCH list.
The Middleman - have to watch the second half
Desperate Housewives - saw just the first two season
LOST - after the end of season 2 I wasn't compelling to finish it, perhaps one day I will
Pushing Daisies - I'm curious about it

Shows that are still on hiatus
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - because january 2009 won't frakking come soon enough!
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